Day 60: AMAZING Realization (MUST READ)

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    This article will potentially change the way you look at NoFap.

    I want to write about some urges that I’ve had over the past week. Recently the stress in my life has been getting to me, multiple areas of my life need some healing (financially, spiritually, mentally, and romantically) and it’s been hard for me not to revert back to pmo for a “quick fix” if you will. How I managed to get past the urges is by remembering how far I’ve come. Also it’s a respect thing. Respecting the house that I’m sleeping in is another strategy I used. Like, if I’m gonna watch porn, I’m not going to do it in “this” house. So by that logic there would be no where for me to do it.

    Last night I was contemplating how I am gonna be able to keep this up in the future. But I also had an epiphany. This is the wrong mindset to have.

    When your pet dog dies, there is no “seeing him again.” He’s dead. He’s gone. So you’re better off moving on, or getting a new pet dog if you can handle it. That relationship that you had with the dog, at least from a physical perspective, not so much spiritually or memories, is over. Maybe you’ll see him again in Heaven or something. But that’s it.

    To defeat porn, you have to be okay with that relationship DYING PERMANENTLY. To be “done with it” means it’s DEAD.

    The urges will always be there, same is the case when your pet dog dies. You will want to see him again… but that would literally be impossible. Because he’s dead.

    Imagine you were dating an incredibly attractive, sexy woman. You two have been dating for years. All of the sudden she dies one random day.

    Would it hurt? Of course. But what are you going to do about it? Bring her back to life? You can’t, it’s impossible. You just have to deal with it and move on. Easier said than done, death is no joke, but you get my point.

    This is the mindset you have to have to defeat pornography forever. You have to be okay with death. If the relationship dies… so be it. If you die due to the urges being too strong or something (lol) so be it…

    Thanks for reading.
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    motivating! Thanks for sharing!
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    I’m currently on Day 11.

    This is exactly what my mindset is right now. In order to become better and stronger and break the hold pmo has on me, I need to be willing to let that part of myself die.

    I also need to accept that this will not be a comfortable process. When your lying in bed at night having urges, you need to think “sorry, that part of me is done with”. Accept the pain as part of the process and stick it out till it’s gone.

    I could never do this before and was constantly relapsing but since I figured this out, I feel so much more ready for the days, weeks and months ahead.
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    This is really challenging to me. As my counter points out, I'm on day 14, which I'm grateful for. However, your post made me think about whether I am really willing to say that P is dead to me. Don't get me wrong...I want it to be dead to me. But it has been a part of my life for so long, and was my way of coping with stress and loneliness and fear and insecurity, I wonder if it's possible that I'm thinking of this more as a novelty than a permanent way of life. I need that mindset. It hadn't occurred to me until I read your post. Thank you for this.
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    Interesting PoV which I really like! Take care brother.
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    Thanks man, I'm on 3 months clean right now but everyday I'm still really frustrated and always want to watch porn. This sound like an amazing long term mindset. Gotta let the feelings die off
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    It has to be dead to you otherwise you will relapse. I can promise you though that if you're strong enough to make it to 30 days, you'll get to a point where you don't see why you would go back to it, because you'll naturally feel better about yourself (since you have nothing to hide).

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