Day 60

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ifthisislove, Jan 7, 2018.

  1. ifthisislove

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    Another milestone reached! Level up!

    I'm not in the best mood, so will try and pick myself up as best as I can.

    But I'm doing well. Nearly slipped up one or two times, but it's all about dusting yourself down and keeping going with the course. It's a marathon and not a spring, you're always thinking that it's just about taking it one day at a time.

    I won't talk about benefits, because you all know what they are already by now. But I will say that my outlook on life, in terms of the bigger picture has changed for the better. And overall, I'm a totally different person to the one when I started this streak. My record is 69 days and I'm going away on holiday this Wednesday so I HOPE I can get there.

    Stay the course and one day you'll look back and see just how much you've accomplished. I believe in every single one of you.
  2. You’re well on your way to beating your highest streak! Don’t relapse! You’ll regret so hard having to start over and get back her again
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  3. ifthisislove

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    I’ve told myself this over and over again - when I got to 69 days last time I was so angry at myself because my relapse was so easily preventable. Times when I’m at my most vulnerable are at night just before going to sleep or spending too much time on social media.

    But then I watch this video and I’m reminded of why I do this and think of all the time I’ve wasted fapping my 20’s away while I could have achieved so much more:

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  4. Inactive User

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    Dude that is Awesome! Congratulations man. Keep it up!
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  5. Yeah man, we can’t afford to waste anymore time... if your brain tells you to look, remember, it’s a trap. A peek always leaves you always wanting more. You may think a peek will alleviate the want to look, it usually never does, so don’t take the chance
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    May I suggest something? While you're on vacation, don't use the Internet at all. Forget about all of the virtual contacts you have with people and enjoy the place and people as much as possible. You'll find yourself on cruise-control in terms of NoFap and you'll enjoy more. Good luck for your further endeavors :)
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  7. ifthisislove

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    My internet usage will definitely be limited, this much I am sure of. But not sure I can completely avoid it as I need to arrange meetings, check emails etc. As well as that, I'm going to be there for nearly a month.
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  8. I just watched the video, it is a good motivator
  9. zakes

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    Congratulations, you are inspiring me.

    I wish that you could talk more about the benefits, it certainly will motivate a guy such as myself who is only on day 2.

    All the best and enjoy your holidays.
  10. CS1

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    Congratulations and how many years in addition?
  11. ifthisislove

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    I've explained the benefits in another thread when I reached Day 50. But seeing as you could do with a bit of extra support, I've experienced the following things as I am now on Day 62:

    • More confidence and anxiety decreasing
    • Deeper voice
    • A more DGAF attitude
    • A feeling that I can take on the world and win
    • More outgoing and wanting to socialise rather than stay at home
    • Wanting to accomplish things and become successful
    • No headaches in the morning
    • Stronger erections first thing when I wake up
    • More attraction from women and wanting to talk to me - at one point when I was at a conference I had about 4 or 5 women following me asking what I was up to that evening and I led them to a Spanish restaurant where we had a great time
    • A greater motivation in wanting to hit the gym with all the energy I've kept
    That's some of the things I've experienced that I can think of, I'm sure there will be more to come as well. Semen retention and preservation is the secret to real power in life.

    And let's be real: why do you think people are so demotivated and so stupid? Because they masturbate their lives away throwing away their life force, whether that's men or women. Show me your friends and I'll show you your future.

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