Day 69, Cum during a lapdance

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by 12yearWanker, Jul 29, 2019.

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    yesterday I went over to my new girlfriend's home. Her dad was around but he stayed in his room. Didn't bother us. We kissed from the living room then she sat on me and was moving her butt around. at some point I felt so weak and ejaculated when I didn't want to. I started feeling so bad. I dont think she noticed that I had cum. Is this premature ejaculation?
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  2. BarefootWalkabout

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    Don't think so. I think you just get more sensitive to stimuli when you're on a reboot, also on a reboot you're as horny as a dog.
    If you have a habit of just masturbating for a few minutes before you come, you've conditioned yourself to come fast. You can do the opposite by edging or breathing deeply when you feel you're about to orgasm, to postpone it. It's literally like training a muscle combined with some deep breathing
  3. If u are horny as a dog, your reboot has not even started. My personal experience only ofc.
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    Good for you man.
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    Bro, hell yeah. You would have came even faster if you were actually having sex.
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