Day 7, Experiences Thus Far

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by FappyBird, Feb 27, 2014.

  1. FappyBird

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    I just hit Day 7 of Hard Mode, so I thought I'd share some of my motivations for starting my journey as well as what I'm feeling thus far.

    I joined the NoFap community as an experiment to see if no PMO could fix some of the physical and mental problems I've been experiencing since my teens. For instance, I still suffer from some noticeable comedonal acne, and I have fairly low self-confidence at 26 years old (at least in social situations). I'm physically fit, but I've been experiencing very low energy and somewhat low libido. It makes sense to me that this could be due to PMO at least 1-2 times per day for so many years.

    Probably the biggest reason I decided to start NoFap is for my wonderful girlfriend. She's everything I could possibly want, but I don't find myself all that sexually attracted to her. She's really not bad looking, but I think that my brain has been programmed form years of porn to have unrealistic expectations. Any positive mental or physical changes would be great, but reprogramming my brain's standard of beauty is my #1 priority.

    At 7 days in, I'm feeling only positive effects. My energy seems to be up significantly, my skin is clearing, I feel better about myself since I'm not looking at porn, and - best of all - my sex dreams / fantasies invariably feature my girlfriend! I think my overall libido has decreased. So far, it's been very easy for me to resist any temptation I have to look at porn, but I like the new direction of my sexual desires. Hopefully my positive experiences continue.
  2. Spartan

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    Congrats brah. Now work on the rest of the days. You can do it.

    As for your girl: you ain't no NoFap NINJA until you can make love to her and make her scream with your eyes open, a'ight ?

    Stay spartan.
  3. slipsonic

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    Awesome progress man, like you, I am doing nofap to improve my sex life and general relationship with my gf. I've only noticed positive results so far. I don't see her as just a sex toy anymore ( i just had a pretty good 25 day nofap streak) and I'm more sensual and I can pick up on her subtle ques way easier to rock her world!
    Don't get me wrong, my main goal was always to please her but now its more of a primal sort of thing. Just in general our relationship is better, I'm just more patient and caring. Nofap is a great thing!

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