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    Hi all,

    I have been addicted to PMO since I was 16 and I am now 31. Have had all the classic PIED symptoms along with low energy, brain fog, lack of motivation. Took me until a couple of years ago to realise what the problem was after years of visiting urologists, Endo's and other doctors etc. I haven't managed to quit but I am still trying. One thing I was keen to look at whilst trying again was having my testosterone and estrogen blood work before quitting PMO and then again at day 7. I have received the results back and they have backed up some theories on here about the 7 day spike.

    My bloods before quitting PMO...

    Total Test - 22 n/mol (range 8 - 29)
    Free Test - 0.328 n/mol (range 0.2 - 0.62)
    Oestradiol - 70.3 p/mol (range 41 - 159)
    SHBG - 59 n/mol (range 18 - 54)

    As you can see everything except SHBG is in range, although my free test could be higher for my age. I do still put muscle on and lose weight if I do things correctly but I know I could achieve so much more if my SHBG lowered and gave me more free test. I reckon my libido would be better too.

    So, on day 7 of no PMO I had my bloods taken again and they are as follows...

    Total Test - 31.4 n/mol (range 8 - 29)
    Free Test - 0.411 n/mol (range 0.2 - 0.62)
    Oestradiol - 148 p/mol (range 41 - 159)
    SHBG - 75 n/mol (range 18 - 54)

    As you can see there has been a massive spike in total test and a decent spike in free testosterone. My oestrogen has doubled although I suspect this is due to rising test and my SHBG has increased by quite a bit.

    The reason I had bloods before quitting PMO is that I have developed slight gyno in my left nipple and I have some small lumps and very slight puffiness but my bloods did not suggest I have high oestrogen to cause this. However, I was keen on quitting PMO so thought I'd take the opportunity to experiment.

    One thing that has happened since like day 2 or day 3 is that morning erections have stopped completely and I feel a little numb. I did relapse on day 7 after my bloods and my erection was ridiculous, also extremely powerful O but I was disappointed that I relapsed so I have started again. The increase in hormones on day 7 didn't make me feel any better either but it's good to know there are spikes and they could be increased long term if quitting!

    I thought it might be useful for someone on here at least so I have posted it :)
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