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Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by CharlesThe2nd, Oct 24, 2018.

  1. CharlesThe2nd

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    I'm currently on day 73, and it's been quite the journey.
    When I first started I had attempted the nofap challenge for the past 5 months prior and my highest streak before this one was 23. When I reached 20+ days in my streak my libido actually plummeted and I had hardly any sexual urges. My life has changed drastically since a couple months ago.
    I'm 17 years old. After a major depression episode that caused me to move schools last year, I got deep into self-improvement, and wanted nothing but to change my life.

    I started doing things like:
    - Meditate every day
    - Cold Showers
    - Read (Eckhart Tolle, No More Mr Nice Guy)
    - Exercise
    - Study all kinds of self-improvement, from accepting myself and being present to how to become a high-value man.

    When I switched schools again this semester I decided that I was going to change my life and instead of being a quiet kid that doesn't really have any motivations I decided to push myself to be social, to put myself out there, and to express myself. I can proudly say I've had more experiences in the past 2 months of my grade 12 years than I had in the past 3 school years. I've become much more confident, and I live my life with my main motivation being to do things that I'm afraid of, because if I can conquer what I fear then I can conquer anything.

    So overall my benefits are:
    - No anxiety (Like whatsoever)
    - Improved Confidence
    - Improved Self-Esteem
    - No guilt
    - Clear head
    - Improved Self-Esteem
    - Better in social situations
    - Much better eye contact

    Feel free to ask me any questions, and I'll reply to the best of my ability!
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  3. Kimpossible9

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    Well done my bro!
    In order to Become a more social person, you need to constantly get out of your comfort zone and express yourself.
    This is what I had to know a long time ago. Props to you for figuring this out at a early stage.
    Did you have any problems with too much phone usage?
    I've found out that using my phone and playing video games have had the same effect on me as pmo did, if not worse!
    That added a 2nd dimension to my addiction and behaviour problems without me even noticing it!!
    But luckily I've understood this and I'm putting all these artificial stimulus aside. It's time to experience real life!
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  4. SirErnest

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    Great post. You write well.
    Good work man.
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  5. lovebeach

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    You have youtube channel? There is a guy who speaks about "no more mr nice guys" The woman (not all) wants bad guys. I was a bad guy before ,has changed
  6. CharlesThe2nd

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    I had a problem with too much youtube usage ect. Watching useless content that did nothing but to rot my brain instead of watching positive messages, motivating myself, and doing productive things that encourage me to be a better person each and every day.
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  7. CharlesThe2nd

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    I feel that NMMNG pushed me to understand that I deserve respect, I can be a man with boundaries, and that I can get what I want in my life. It made me realize my problem with being nice and allowing anybody to take advantage of me, and believing because I was nice that others owe me something. I believe that it's a very important book if you are deep into those issues.
  8. Inspiring post. We're all gonna make it. Keep it up boyo.
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  9. idontwanttoreveal

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    I can honestly say that the feared flatline is a positive sign. Don't get me wrong, it doesn't feel good, but it is the way your body and mind start to heal and cement the ground for the real rollercoasters of emotions that is life. Embrace your emotions, don't ignore them. Pursue life goals, hobbies and build relationships. Learn how your mind works and last but not least, try to figure out why you ended up PMOing and why you started this challenge in the first place.
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  10. SirErnest

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    I've always been emotional, but at the moment it's so changeable. Big mood swings even in ten minutes or so. However I guess one just has to accept it and keep going.

    FEECEE SKI Fapstronaut

    thanks for your post man big ups!
  12. whatrichme

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    Thanks for this post.

    What's your take in being a high-value man?
    What does that mean to you and what does that mean to people about you?
  13. CharlesThe2nd

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    For me to be a high value man is:
    - A man that pleases himself and does what he want despite what others might think of him
    - A man that offers value to others without taking
    - A man that knows what he wants and has a purpose in his words, and actions
    - A man that strives for something that he will achieve at any cost
    - A man that conquers his fears and is constantly working to be a better person in all areas of his life
    - Self esteem and confidence is important in becoming a high value man or person in general.
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  14. good stuff mate. you have already done so much. bright future is coming for you. keep doing all of your good habits and dont even give a fuck if you relapse. you got this! i believe in you
  15. Strict mode

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    Hi bro I congratulate you with your achievement and can you advise me that how can I start this progress i'm on the beginning thanks beforeghand
  16. stoneyman22

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    keep it up amigo! The real challenge now for you is to stay persistent. Don't be too serious though haha I'd say you're right on the money buddy. keep meditating and doing what you do.

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