Day 78 / relationship / libido issues

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by parad0x, Nov 12, 2019.

  1. parad0x

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    Sup guys,

    In brief, I had escalated to TS porn. I had a rough time my first few attempts at nofap.

    Having failed a few times with reasonable streaks, I'm finally crushing it.

    However, now I'm just 12 days away from the infamous 90-day reboot. In the last 78 days, I met a great girl.

    After a month of seeing her and having some great sex. My libido has suddenly absolutely tanked. I have very little interest in sex and find myself looking for excuses not to partake in some under the sheets action.

    This is so unlike me (pre porn) I was a horny MF. Mechanically, everything is working well, I get morning wood etc. Just desire has gone right down - AND IT'S WORRYING.

    Has anyone else in a relationship experiences a sudden flatline quite late in their recovery process?

    I have also noticed a few recent porn dreams lately. It's like my brain trying to call me back to the "dark side". But it's pull is weak, I feel I can easily obstain at this point.
  2. Serious question: are you truly physically attracted to this woman? Physical attraction matters a lot.
  3. parad0x

    parad0x Fapstronaut

    Yes, she's hot and I was really attracted to her physically and mentally. Now the physical drive to bed her has taken a dive. I'm hoping this is just some sort of Flatline that passes
  4. For your sake (and mine actually), I hope this is the case. However, I'm only Day 6 of PIV ejaculations only so let's see where it goes. If anyone has similar experiences, please reply for science!
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    Hey man, going through same thing.

    Started reboot everything was great had morning woods etc. Met this amazing sexy smart girl like my soul mate.

    Had some great sex but then my libido is like gone and Im flatlining hard... Trying to avoid going back to my place etc. Cant get hard like nothing helps and its frustrating af...

    Feel you brother
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