Day 8 - Another victory, more to come :)

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  1. Hi brothers, here's my day 8 log:

    P.S.- FUCKER=MASTURBATION my post :)

    Negative things first: :(

    1) I got another day alone in the house, and naturally some intense FUCKER interruptions tried to takeover my mood.
    2) During gym time, I somehow got lost in conversation with girls, FUCKER nearly taking over my mind to go and play bang-bang :( .
    3) My mind kept telling me stuff like,"GO for PORN, go fap, you're alone in the house, think about girls, now you've got so much of energy of 7 days of noFap, you can bang so many chicks in the gym, you've started to get admiration from girls, if you don't go for them you're an asshole, blah blah."
    4) Hard-mode on my pipe also tried to win over me.

    Positive things..phew ..finally :)
    1) At the gym I met an old friend whom I had last seen an year ago(he joined gym with me that time but I went to another city for work). We probably have spent the same amount of time in gyms. He used to be a really weightless guy, like a stick. And when I saw him yesterday, he had become huge, fuckin huge. I was fucking amazed!! I left my conversation with girls and went over to him and asked,"Hi pal, you've become great, must be having lots of gfs :D, and why the fuck you didn't call me moments ago when you saw me? " And what he said to me was,"Dude, I have work to do. I don't have time for girls right now." I asked,"Buddy so many chicks admire you here, don't you feel great?" He replied,"Dude I lost my father last month, I have my mom to take care of, my last gf left me for nothing, chicks are countless in this world but mom is one, plus let me become something in life first :D, these bitches just go for guys whom they find attractive, has money, body,etc. or many a times for a blind sex. Anyways bro you've also become really toned, been working out a lot and I saw you engrossed in conversation with those girls so I didn't trouble you that time." I lost all desire for even looking at the girls I was just lost with. And then what happened was that I worked out for an hour with my old friend only, chatting like real men, not a single fucking thought about even looking at girls came. Maybe God is also helping me with noFap reboot :D.

    2) When I came back home, I had an entire night alone in the house, which was spent by watching 3 movies, all had sex scenes, and i watched them naturally with(believe me) no FUCKER thoughts at all! Just amazing how real friends and talks can change your mind.
    3) I had once met my friend's father whom he had lost. I mean, fuck, I too have old parents to take care of and here I am thinking about banging chicks in gym? I have had sex many times before and still such FUCKER thoughts come to my mind? The day 6 anger doubled in intensity and I said," FUCK you FUCKER, fuck you in the face!"
    4) They say tragedy either breaks a man or makes him more responsible; and here we all brothers are present, just to get rid of a habit which is neither a tragedy nor it gives any responsibilty!!!! Well, go for it brothers, fuck the FUCKER.

    NOW the killer ones:
    It's day 9 today. I see myself in front of a mirror, face clean and glowing, brain is calm, OMG my vision feels improved(no kidding!), energy is rising day by day, procrastination is diminishing from my life :D, anxiety again lowered, no shame or guilts, my body is relaxed, I have started taking interests in talking to people about the world, FUCKER is in deep sleep and will rise again for sure to challenge me, but I am so much motivated that I am literally laughing at it and all abuses I know of, I will at this FUCKER when it arises. And as usual, more benefits are sure to come :D


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