DAY 90! How Semen Retention Saved My Life

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    How Semen Retention Saved My Life in 90 Days.

    If you have any chance of reading something like this consider yourself lucky because it almost costed me everything.

    Let’s begin with the fact that since I was 8 years old internet pornography has played a role in my life. Ever since I can remember, I have had some interaction to it and never seemed to stop. It was a habit that kept growing and growing. Now add my first intimate relationship with a woman, and boom life changed before my eyes.

    You see life is really about the small things. Thoroughly enjoying music and feeling it or spending hours at a time with a great friend or enjoying the sky or the view or look of something that just makes you feel good. This to me was my happiness oh, and not to mention, my undying love for baseball. So, sit back and let the words teach you and speak to you because if you’re looking for an answer and cannot find it, more than likely it is in front of your face.

    When you’re exceptional at something, you know, you just know. Baseball was that “it” for me. Since a very young age, it just made sense in every aspect and I made sure to flourish it. But, let’s just say that winning and pitching my way to state championships on an inner-city team is not far from exceptional ability. I did not give a fuck about anything except winning and I won. A lot. I developed relationships that still stand firm to this day and created memories that I will be able to tell my kid’s kids. Life was more than I can ever ask for. It was a movie, and I was the star.

    But, soon enough, I did not shine so bright and that happened after one of my best baseball years ever.

    My best year came my sophomore year whereas a 15-year-old I hit .410 and pitched over 50 innings with a 1.05 ERA on the varsity team. I was unstoppable, and I knew I was. Pitched in the state semi-final and went 9 innings (7 is normal in high school) and held the future state champions to only one run losing 1-0. At this point I am looking forward to being signed out of high school, but I was so close.

    My junior and senior year was when I first began to notice the difference. My girlfriend and I had a ton of sex on top of masturbating frequently. You see what tricks and gets a lot of people is that the changes are very small when you start to notice it. The music does not get you to feel that way anymore, you can find that strong focus anymore, or you can’t get that warm feeling of good conversation with people. I slowly, but surely, lost it all. This continued for 5 YEARS until the end of my junior year of college. At this point, I did not go division 1. I did not get signed. I still made the all-conference team and did “good” things but not nearly as exceptional as I was and it bothered me because I knew. I knew that I was talented, and God gave me something great and it just went away. I lost my confidence. I lost my fight. I lost my ability. On top of this, I left the girl that tried to love me through anything and distanced myself from my family because I thought there was something else that was the problem when in reality, I played myself literally and figuratively. I was the problem.

    So, you’re probably wondering how did I find this out? At this point, I was hitting the gym everyday, reading self-help books, going to bible study groups, and even smoking and drinking more than ever before with anxiety and depression still lingering every time I stepped onto the mound. I could no longer throw a strike and or get out of an inning. I went from being a top prospect to a bench warmer at the division 2 level on a team that only won 9 games. Life at this point was meaningless and contemplated if I even deserved to live. That is when I knew there was something extremely wrong.

    About 7 months ago, I was leaving that college and heading back home to start my senior year somewhere else because I hated every moment at that school. The last two weeks at that school is when I figured it out. I went out, enjoyed my last weekend out and hooked up with a girl. I did my thing and the day after I came back to my apartment and looked at myself in the mirror. My bathroom covered in messy clothes and a room that could not even be walked in. I did not recognize who I was anymore. I lost everything and I knew it, and on top of that I felt nothing. Literally, I did not love, laugh, or care genuinely about anything no more. I was lifeless, but somehow still alive.

    Numerous times in my life, I told myself I have to stop using porn. I did not know what else to do, and this is when I knew I touched the cold and hard floor of rock bottom. But very quickly, I told myself that I will never feel that way again and so after May 12th2019, I started my semen retention journey

    I ended up going home for the summer and going back to work and umpire some games to make some cash, but this time there was something different and I did not even know it yet. About a month in, my new pitching coach calls me and asks me to play summer ball in one of the nation’s most prestigious summer leagues with players from power 5 schools such as Florida, Tennessee, and Texas A&M. Crazy huh? Yeah, I had no fucking business playing on a team like that. But, I still believed in myself and I took the chance. Two days later, I find myself playing in front of 3000 people. See at this point I am 30 days into semen retention and still anxious and worried if I can even throw a strike, granted even in front of 3000 people!

    The third day I was there, I came in mid-relief in a game we were losing and ended up walking the first two batters. They immediately took me out, but they said they understand that I haven’t pitched in a month and so on and so forth. I felt weird when I came off the mound though. For the last 5 years, I did not care anymore that I did poorly and that is what killed me. This time though, this time, I felt something small built up inside me. A feeling that I wanted another shot. A couple days later, I get that shot. I come into a game and it is tied with runner on second and third. I walk the first guy I see to get guys bases loaded and I get into a 3-2 count with the batter at the plate. I stepped off and looked into the crowd to see over 2000 people watching me carefully to see what happens this next pitch. See, what is running through my head is that my career depended on this pitch I can walk this guy and get my contract released and my career is done for the summer because they already had a guy warming up in the bullpen. But, that small feeling, it blew up. I said fuck it and actually meant it and FELT it. I stepped back on the mound, took my sign, and said fuck it. I threw it and the guy swung and flew out to centerfield. Whoa, that was close. I get back to the dugout and they decide to send me out for another inning, and I was surprised they did. I haven’t pitched more than 2 outs in the last year and a half, and I am getting a full inning? I was freaking out. But, my pitching coach came and said, “man you just gotta let it go.” I wanted to be like, you son of a bitch you do not know what type of shit I have been going through. I lost it, and that’s when I found it…

    I went on to throw 2.1 innings for the first time in two years with 3 strikeouts. I spoke to myself and said fuck it and the difference is I felt it and believed it this time and it changed everything. I would go onto throwing another 10 innings with 14 strikeouts and a 0.00 ERA. This made me lead the team for over half the summer in ERA. A few more innings I could have been an allstar in the nation’s most prestigious leagues.

    So, I am thinking what do I do differently? Semen retention.

    Think I am joking? I went 76 days straight during the summer and got a blowjob from a smoke show only to go back to feeling anxious lost on the mound again and not even get one out my last two outings which ruined my ERA. Believe it or not, semen retention has extraordinary benefits. I had friends again, I felt love from my family, and I was able to play my dear game again just as a kid.

    Today is day 90. I moved into a new school and I am going into my third month. I am a new person. I developed strong relationships here, I enjoy life, and most importantly I am happy. Baseball is extraordinary again for me, I had such a good fall season that multiple scouts are coming to see me in the fall and my teammates respect me for my ability to produce and help the team win. Just like when I was younger. Everything I needed was found in retaining my semen, and I was inches away from never figuring it out, but I thank the highest because now everything seems to go my way and I am blessed to live the life I live. Take it from a person who once had it all and went to nothing and then found himself again. Men, your semen is powerful spiritually and physically. I could write on this topic forever but at this point you get the idea. Everything that I thought I lacked was found through this and hard work and I for sure now know that I am doing the things I have to do to get to where I have to get. Gentleman, save yourselves before it is too late because some people never come back.
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  2. the alpha project

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    Wow, phenomenal story! So much passion and inspiration. I hope many people read it. I will suggest it to the people in the Spartan challenge. Thank you for sharing!
  3. selfimprovement8008

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    Gosh man im proud of you it was geniunely a good read write a book man title it Pitch: A Legacy is Made.
  4. dankestmemes

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    Thank you for your story and inspiration! I hope to become a great athlete like you!
  5. selfimprovement8008

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    As an athlete who has a passion for the sport as you do, I would recommend you make it then also teach others how ( even if high school baseball team) to make it or own a team in the future, that is a good purpose, staying on your purpose is what will keep you alive.. All the best.
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    Wow, I'm currently on this very train of thought. My wife and I want kids and some part of me wants to teach them what I know, including fighting and shooting. I just started BJJ, maybe in a few years, I'd like to teach beginners. Teaching helps develop your own skills too. It's win-win!
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    Amazing and inspiring story that I will use to save my own life. I actually used to think PMO was a cure for my depression instead of the cause. And even after I realized the Truth had trouble quitting completely, justifying just a little here and there. Each time sent me into a downward spiral I could not deny anymore was connected to the act. I made a point to notice how I felt the next day, and it was never ok. It was outright depression and anxiety. During my long streaks of celibacy my confidence and eye contact was also very noticeable, and people responded accordingly. You just have more charisma. I know from personal experience the “superpowers” are True.
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    Exactly and it gives you fuel for your purpose and drive for life, you live your life to the fullest and give advice for the next generation which is charity of the soul and good deed for the soul and legacy is made on ones deeds and a legacy defines legends.
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    Reading that quickly and thoroughly but seeing that for you was your life and how you overcame the toughest part in your life shows great strength in you. You deserve it my friend. More good things to come to you and In your baseball career. Wow I can definitely relate to many things and coming from the bottom to the top is one of them. It takes strength to get up but nothing is impossible and u my friend will be a great inspiration to others.
  11. Andi123

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    Thank you for your story it really inspires me anh I hope it will inspire a lot of people who will read it
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    Such an amazing and inspiring story. I will add it to my ''everyday read folder''. Thank you for sharing and good luck!
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    Very inspiring! Iam determined to do Nofap!

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