Day 90 semen retention

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by Powerous, Aug 19, 2021.

  1. Powerous

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    Day 90

    The day is finally here. I have finally reached 90 days of semen retention. Finally I completed the 90 day reboot, I feel a powerful sense of peace and bliss. I always knew I could make it, it was just a matter of time, I learned so much along the way and gained a lot of knowledge and experience. I learned a lot from the NoFap community, my friends and people like the late great Gary Wilson who have sparked a wave of new thought when it comes to porn/masturbation/ejaculation addiction. I can not thank him enough and his work it truly has impacted the world and without that this community wouldn't be where it is.

    The benefits have been gradually improving and increasing. I am more confident, full of energy, better self-esteem, my skin and hair looks brighter, people have more respect for me, females are more attracted to me, my aura is radiating a sense of power and presence, I feel much more motivated to achieve all my goals and live the best life I can possibly live.
    There is so much more benefits but these are the main and profound ones I have noticed along my journey. What more can I say, it has taken me 11 years to finally reach this milestone. So many sleepless nights, depressive moments, stress, moments where I wanted to give up, but God guided me and gave me the strength to finally be where I am today.
    I could not be more grateful and happy. This is a catalyst to my future success. I now finally feel a sense of control over my body/desires. I feel at peace and that is freedom. Love.
  2. Malik gilroy

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    Congratulations on your 90 days brother .
    By God's will everything is possible .
  3. Abel100%

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    Felicitaciones amigo, Oye confiamos en que esos beneficios ya tenías muchos días de experimentarlos .... No creo personalmente que es en los últimos días que llegan de golpe los logros; no fab debe ser un caminar día a día ; claro hay etapas de Madera matutina , largas líneas planas , insomnio y tristeza ; 90 días cuántos sueños húmedos en ese tiempo amigo recuerdas ?
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    I do kind of intermittent nofap once in a while. This is to strengthen my will. Disciplining the stomach, mind, body etc.. are other avenue to strengthen the will, which I think is the main goal.
    I have been thinking in term of energy and sperm retention lend to this idea well. I retain sperm\energy so that I can direct to places that I want. Years ago, I masturbate to images of porn that I have watched or some sexual fantasy. Ever since I started to do sperm retention I do alot of edging but no sexual thought. Over time, I don't have much sexual thoughts.
    If a person do not have sexual thought of the opposite sex, what kind of attraction will there be? For while now, porn or sexual images have no effect on my arousal any more.
    I trained my mind to think in term of energy, I get much from self pleasure. I am self contained and content. I am on my 61 days nofap.
  5. Kevin557

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    I glad to hear your progress, it inspires me a lot. Anyway, I will try my best to achieve my own goal. I want to be a new man, a real man.
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  6. logeyik

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    Thank you for sharing your inspirational story!
    It motivates me to keep pushing.
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  7. Malefromnyc123

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    CONGRATS!!! I have been addicted for around 11 or 12 years as well, I was wondering what advice you can give me to stop (like what techniques i could use)? I literally have had sleepless nights in trying to stop, its ruined my whole life for the past many years. I want to stop. Thanks, and congrats again!! Don’t Stop!!!
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  8. Beekind

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    Make the decision, and don't stop until you get there.
    Make it a burning desire.
    It may take you couple of years , but you will eventually arrive.
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