Day 96 and no change...

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    Hey, as you can see on the title I'm little depressed about this process.. I don't know if NoFap has no effect on me or should I wait a little longer? I would like for your help please. Here is my back story:

    I'm 24, started M'ing when I was 10. 14 Years of fapping. My why on NoFap was social anxiety. My social anxiety started when I was bullied for 1.5 years on 5-6th grade in school. Struggling with it ever since. I went to psychologist, he helped me alot but it is still there. That's why I saw NoFap has effect on social anxiety I started without any questions.

    In my first ~35 days I could see many benefits:
    - More confidence
    - Little improvements on social anxiety
    - Was able to talk to strangers much more easily
    - Much more energy
    - Much more motivation

    I got the flatline around week 2 and it lasted 4 weeks. I was depressed and my libido gone.
    But few days after the end of the flatline everything just gone. No more confidence or energy or motivation, nothing. I thought it will come back but it didn't.

    I have thought it might be another (very very long) flatline, but it doesn't look like the last one. Mainly because:
    - My libido is back and strong
    - I got my morning woods
    - I'm not depressed or anything like that

    I know that NoFap doesn't magically make your life better, and you have to act on it. My why was social anxiety so I have acted on it and wanted to make it better:
    - Talked to strangers at the train
    - When to salsa dancing
    - When out with friends every chance I got
    Couldn't see any improvements...

    To be honest I have sinned few time these last 2 weeks. Watched NSFW posts on reddit and saw pictures only. Not porn. I don't want to count that as a relapse because I didn't feel any rush in dopamine and just watched.

    I'm so confused and need motivation...
    1. Why I can't feel any change?
    2. Do you think it is some kind of flatline? how long it will last
    3. Are there any guys that NoFap has no effect on? I think I'm that kind of guy...

    Thank you guys for reading this
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  2. Same thing was with me at my 169 days streak.
    Most probably you have no urges at all, no cravings and you are not feeling excited more in doing nofap.
    At my streak, my flatline was started at about day 19 and last so long.And i couldnt found myself gaining much benefits of nofap.
    But after relapse I understood the mystery that what was really wrong with me.
    Basically nofap alone willnot work for you, you must be postive and motivated from inside using afformations and producing positive thoughts.
    Like "Oh thats soo good I did that"
    " I did something extra ordinary that only minorities do"
    "I am a legend" etc.
    Instead of saying
    "Its booring" ,"it is not working for me" ,
    "Why was I stuck in addiction".,
    "My luck is so bad", " I am looser, stupid"etc
    Then you will get benefits.
    You may see some fappers doing twice or thrice fapping per day but they dont feel any anxiety, low confiendnce,etc .
    Bcoz they keep motivating themselves that they are doing good and its normal.
    Which is ofc they are doing soo bad with their self.Fapping is bad and its most harmful thing.
    Always remember your thoughts and whay you say, these give so impact on your brain.
    What you say or share with anyone, will directly impact on your brain and will be source or motivation if you thinking good or sad if you think bad.
    But never do relapse please, it also may be the brain tricking you to let you back into fapping.
    You will experience benefits soo at long streak ,be patient and stay motivated and talk to others regarding nofap.
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    Are you removing all visuals of girls (especially on a screen) and trying to reduce all sexual thoughts?

    If not that could be why you aren't seeing any improvements
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    Well I do feel the need, but my self control is so strong at this point that I can just decide not to act on it.
    Your flatline lasted from day 19 to 169? Did you feel the same when you were in about the same time I am? As I was saying its not feel like flatline because my libido is back and strong.
    About the positive afformations, yeah when I think about it, in the first 30 days I was so proud of myself.
    But now my motivation is gone because I can't see anything. Being positive now is just fooling myself, well I hope it will work lol

    Hmm, sexual thoughts are slowly rising lately, thank you for bringing this up to my attention
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    Hold on bro, I know how hard your life is going on but never give up ,First of all nofap works on every human , but some people don't do nofap properly , those people just only think nofap as no masturbation and count their days of no masturbation. And then they say that nofap don't work
    Make sure you do these activities daily for at least 100 days ----
    1. Meditation - 15 to 25 minutes
    2. Exercising - 10 - 30 minutes ( morning and evening)
    3. A super healthy diet which includes all nutrients.

    Bro you spent your 14 years in flapping and now excepting recovery in just 96 days, according to number of years you fapped , you should do nofap for atleast 365 days that is 1 year with all rules.

    Warning --
    Don't play video games as these also release dopamine
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    I feel the same,- social anxiety is strong as ever - but I like my flatline :) I can do other stuff instead of thinking how or when to get sex, or do PMO multiple time a day and then feel bad and exosted and depressed. Its not perfect, I still get depression periods, but I think its a good choice. Funny thing is when I read a book and there is a s. scene - I must skip it - then there is a movie and there is s. scene, again - skip it. I think I could handle those, but why would I. Haha - yesterday I was watching with family National Geografic chanell, they talked about vhs and why it got so popular - guess why :) - becuase of longer P. movies people could stuff on them - so they showed some erotic scenes and I felt a bit strange. P. is everywhere, go outside and see ladies in those hot days - sometimes I feel like an incel with my aproach to not see hot bodies which could trigger me.

    I am not meditating - only doing sport and I think healthy diet. Maybe I should meditate. I will give 200 more days for this whole rewiring thing, and try some professional help.
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