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  1. I have noticed that over the last few hours many day counters on the forums have been appearing/disappearing. I noticed @Jack Fischer was on the site earlier. Did he change some settings and now they are appearing on and off?
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  2. IAmLegion

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    Ask Jack Fischer.
    I hope this helped.
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  3. Reborn16

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    Seems to come and go? Small bug I guess. The font looks different when it's there, looks better IMO
  4. Hey @IGY - yes we recently rolled out new vector based badges that are more lightweight and look better on higher resolution displays. If anything isn't appearing for you, you can try clearing your cache which should give you all the new assets right away.
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  5. Yes the look is fine Jack. Thank you. But my own counter has been visible/invisible throughout the day again. It looks like:

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  6. Reborn16

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    Mine is the same. Sometimes there, sometimes not.

    @Jack Fischer I did try deleting my caches from browsing history, is that the go? Sorry I'm not very tech minded, but after trying that it's still a bit buggy. Cheers!
  7. @Reborn16 do you also have the mysterious X? Yes clearing browser cache was the correct thing to do.
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  8. It isn't just mine btw. Other people's badges disappear sometimes and sometimes just the mysterious x is there. o_O
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  9. It is still happening Jack. :(
  10. Reborn16

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    Strange, I just deleted all my history cookies cache etc. again and still have the issue. No big deal, but I wonder if many people are having trouble seeing the day counter too?
  11. Sadly we don't have a diagnosis or a fix for this yet @IGY @Reborn16
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  13. Hondo82

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    Does the counter automatically update? Mine is still at day 1. Is there anything that I need to be doing to get it to update?
  14. Unfortunately we haven't been able to reproduce this which turns figuring out what's wrong into an uphill guessing game. @IGY and @Reborn16, if you could provide some help that would be great,
    • What browser are you using?
    • When you see the X, does refreshing the page correct it? Have you ever refreshed the same page and a badge goes from working to not working?
    • Do badges work and not work within the same page? Ie IGY if your personal badge shows the X, are other users' badges next to it okay?
    • If you check your badge URL (IGY, and Reborn what do you see?
    • Next time you see the X, could you grab a screenshot of its surroundings and grab its URL (In chrome, right click -> copy image address)?

    @Hondo82 the counter does indeed automatically update. At the time of writing I see you at 3 days. If you are ever not sure it's correct, verify that the existing date on the update page is still correct. If so, you're good.
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  15. Reborn16

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    Sure thing, here's the info on my side.

    • Microsoft edge
    • Refreshing a page usually does not fix it, however after just refreshing a page multiple times I now have a page where some day counters are there correctly but others are still the X. It does not seem to ever fix all the counters though.
    • Usually either all badges don't work and show X, or half do work and half don't. The X is sometimes missing but appears when hovering the mouse over where the day counter should be.
    • My badge URL seems to work fine, refreshed many times and all good.
    I can't seem to get the URL for the X badge when the day counter is missing though. If you see the following two pics when I right click on a profile picture and the X I get different options.

    Hope this helps, cheers!
  16. Google Chrome
    Sometimes it corrects it. Yes, also it can go from working to not working. Here is an example with resets...




    I can refresh the page and sometimes each new counter can be any of the above i.e. blank; days; X [.IMG.] o_O
    Badges work and don't work within the same page. Sometimes mine is fine and others' are not. :confused:
    The link seems to show my days consistently (so far). :cool:

    Thanks for your help Jack. :)
  17. upload_2017-12-4_3-32-39.png
  18. Thank you for the in depth details.
  19. Hi Jack. Nothing has changed. It is very frustrating. Are you getting any nearer to an answer?
  20. No one said to do that. Anyway, I don't know how to do it. :/

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