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  1. But surely, loads of people use Google Chrome. no?
  2. I have no idea if I have extensions. I will ask a friend who knows a lot about computers to have a look at it for me. Thanks.
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  3. Hi @IGY, it's frustrating for everyone involved. Unfortunately I have many other responsibilities beyond fixing this specific issue. It's being addressed among many other things. If you have any friends with software development experience that would like to volunteer please refer them to us. We could always use more help.
  4. Yes, I expect Alex is right. You need to prioritise other issues on the site. :( But thanks for having a look at it for me mate.
  5. Mattsfreedom

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    I am also having this same exact issue. I am using Microsoft Edge and it also happens on google chrome.
  6. Interesting, thank you.
  7. Mine is still the same Jack. :(
  8. Thanks for all the in depth information, it is appreciated. Rolling out changes to the system in the near term future so fixes specific to this are unfortunately on hold. However since it's entirely undiagnosed it might just be resolved in the process.
  9. Thanks for letting me know mate.
  10. Rudramast

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    Hi Guys ! the counter isn't incrementing anymore ! am I the only one having the issue ?
  11. You are not the only one with PMO counter issues.
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