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Discussion in 'NoFap Technical Support and Feedback' started by SpringMatrix, Sep 1, 2018.

  1. SpringMatrix

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    In my counter you can see: No Porn, No Masturbation and No Orgasm.

    But the truth is: I watch porn a lot... I arouse myself but I can control it. I don't fap or have orgasms. It would be nice to have that option to see: No orgasm, no masturbation.

    Or maybe it would be good to separate them all? I still struggle to not watch porn although my main goal: NoFap/no orgasm is achieved every day.

    I don't want an option: achieiving my own goals to be setup, because I like looking at my counter that says: no masturbation, no orgasm. It motivates me.

    Can something like that be done?
  2. If you think you can control your regular porn use, just stop looking at porn altogether. If you are not addicted it should be easy to stop. IF you are not able to stop using porn, you have been pulling the wool over your own eyes SpringMatrix. :rolleyes: Either way you are doing much damage to your brain's reward circuitry by flooding I with dopamine. Please stop this man!
  3. SpringMatrix

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    You are right. I wanted to open a porn site just now but instead I went here. It's so difficult with being super lonely. But probably I'm lonely because of porn.
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    Welcome to NoFap.
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