Day One of a new journey

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Yuh skrt, Mar 14, 2022.

  1. Yuh skrt

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    Today marks a break in a 456 day No PMO streak, Day one of starting over. I just want to list a few thoughts on my new journey and what can be done to prevent this. I have been staying up super late of recently meaning I have more idle time and thoughts (not a good combo for anyone undertaken their first 30 days or even over a year) I have worked out a lot since I had started my streak, lot of changes including a relationship which broke off but I remained chaste during it. Overall better physical health and more sexual urges, not a bad combo but definitely not the way to work on it. Initially the shame I felt almost made me not want to change this or post this. The old me was still there “Oh its fine it was one time in over a year it doesn’t count” but it does. In order to start again and go longer and hopefully permanently accountability is a must. I am choosing to hold my self accountable. I begin anew like a lot of you may be doing right now. I encourage you all to continue, it’s really not worth it. And its not any better even after a whole year and more of not doing it. Theres no reward or anything. Stick to the right path my friends. Best of luck on all of your journeys and mine!
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    You're not starting again man, this is just a tiny slip-up. You already listed what you did wrong, so I think you'll get right back on it!

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