Day one, oh boy here we go.

Discussion in 'Abstinence, Retention, and Sexual Transmutation' started by Somewhat Waffle, Feb 10, 2019.

  1. Somewhat Waffle

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    I have MB'd two times today but right now I am not going to do anything unless my girlfriend provides me relief. I really got to stop doing these solo missions by myself or else my girlfriend is going to notice and probably think I don't find her attractive anymore.

    I don't consider it breaking my streak under these conditions:

    1. My girlfriend provides me relief.

    2. If I just look at a photo of my girlfriend without doing anything to myself.

    Number 2 is going to be the biggest struggle for me. If I am going through a rough time with this, I am just going to make another post explaining what I am going through and I think it will help me.
  2. Davinblake

    Davinblake Fapstronaut

    Chill out man, ya should just relax. We're here to live a better life, not to start a lager; so understand that it is not good for you to watch porn and masturbate and just don't do it. Everything else is more mental fapping than anything else, chill out and stop watching porn. That is the dealbreaker, not the orgasms or your girlfriend photos, the porn. If yiur girl sends you photos that are made for you ONLY SO that you can masturbate, just ask her to stop and have sex istead. Hope I helped, have a nice day

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