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  1. Hey!

    It's my 3rd day in a row that I experience migraine like headaches during my reboot. I've read that they could be considered as a withdrawal symptom.
    I usually have migraines once a month, I take a painkiller and it kills it. But now I don't want to take pills every day as I also have to study and they are not that healthy.

    I have 7-8 hours of sleep every day and I drink 4 litres of water, also take multivitamin pills, eat fruit and vegetables every day.
    I also exercise daily.

    Do any of you guys have some additional tips for dealing with them?

  2. wheredidyoulearntofly

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    Multivitamin pills are garbage, body cannot really absorb anything from it. Try to cut gluten from your diet a fee days, that usually works for me. Also chocolate seems to make it worse.
  3. MerseyPhoenix

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    Drink some coffee.
  4. Nexes

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    It will pass away just don't do masturbate believe me if you pass this you will pass first stage
  5. I'm 20 and myself have been experiencing headaches recently which I found to be caused by stress (from college work) and from anxiety (caused by not socializing as much as I did before). I've found the best natural remedies have been to take a step back and just take a break. I've been able to prevent the arrival of headaches by using meditation at least once per day; try to do it before the time you usually get headaches. I've also found that cold showers remove active head pain and get rid of anxiety.
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    I drink water and lots of greens throughout the day whenever I have headache. (Mine lasts 2-3 days, and I rarely get them, because I am so scared and avoid them as plague.)
  7. MerseyPhoenix

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    Drink some coffee.
  8. I need to try the cold showers cus' dude these headaches are killin' me!!!

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