Dealing with heavy boredom

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Captain K'nuckles, Apr 21, 2019.

  1. Captain K'nuckles

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    Give me tips, i am currently breaking all my nofap records but cant deal properly with anxiet (of doing interesting things) and my standard i get heavily bored staying at home, i currently have no job, so what to do?
  2. PMOare4SoyBoys

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    Well that depends are you looking to find an easy way to ease up on your boredom or are you looking at changing your overall lifestyle to keep yourself busy all the time?

    I'd say if you're feeling anxious when you're by yourself then it's probably because you feel like you should be doing something more productive in life. There are some people that can spend their whole day playing video games but personally I would feel so unproductive if I were to do that. I'm not sure what works for you and what doesn't but perhaps find out what you like to do when you're all by yourself.

    Speaking of which I personally enjoy going on the nofap forum when I'm by myself so I'm wondering if anyone would know any other forums where you can interact and share ideas with others, things like self improvement, health mindset etc.
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  3. I deal with boredom as well. I don't know if you're able to, as you might life in a big city, but I've discovered that taking a walk and just observing nature helps calm me down. I live out in the country and like to observe the squirrels who live nearby. Helps with the boredom.
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  4. Jake_king

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    Make a spin wheel of different exercises or activities. Then when you feel the boredom and know that you don't want it to lead to porn just spin the wheel.

    I have got one just for exercise and they are all exercises that I don't need to leave the house for but I could see it working with other activities as well like reading / music practice.
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  5. Captain K'nuckles

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    Yeah i live in the big city, seeing grey stuff all day long is disturbing, with people aways hurrying up while walk
  6. BigOne79

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    In the city it is more difficult to get out into nature then being rural. Try to take a drive if you can to a good spot not too far that you can walk out into. Maybe a neighborhood close by that has some bike trails, paths for running or walking. Try to pick up a hobby and as well. Something you think you wold like as well..
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  7. How is it possible that you have a car? I don't understand. How are you good with money that you have a car. What am I missing?
  8. Kexas23

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    Gym, books, friends, you know things that people did before the internet.
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