Dealing with jealousy during resurgence of testosterone

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by DaddyFatSac, Jan 6, 2019.

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    The combination of abstaining from masturbation combined with weight lifting has made my testosterone the highest it’s ever been. Though this is great and has tons of benefits, I’m also becoming territorial towards a girl I’m getting close with. We go on dates all the time and see each other often , but she goes to parties with immature and douchie guys that have a reputation for trying to get girls drunk enough to get in their pants. This pisses me off to a level of anger I’ve never experienced. I tell myself to trust her because I go to parties with my friends too but I can’t get out of my head about what could happen and I would never know. I know the solution to overcoming jealousy is to be confident in yourself and trust in her but I can’t. I work out, meditate, and constantly improve myself but I’ll never be okay with this kind of thing. Any advice on how to overcome this anger that has controlled me for so long?
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    Never leave your girl at parties alone... If she goes without you it's not a good sign. Women are treacherous creatures and your signs of jealousy are justified...
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    I think simply put, the fact that she's hanging around with these immature douchie guys is also a sign of her own immaturity and perhaps your distrust is warranted here. Have you spoken to her and stated that it is an exclusive relationship? If you've both agreed to that then you simply have to trust your judgement of her character, and if you don't trust her then, it is very possibly warranted.

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