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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by TrueSaiyan, Jun 19, 2020.

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    As of yesterday I've been feeling a great deal of detachment from talking to people. It started with me shutting down my Facebook profile and then another app called "Line" where I haven't spoken to a friend yet.

    I'm about to tell her the reason and I feel just done with people right now. Today I am taking some of my depression medication and hopefully that will help me and gain a good new streak. I feel as if I have snapped a bit inside...

    What basically triggered me was that I was talking to a ex on Facebook. She messaged me first. She eventually got around to telling me that she had quit her job. After that I said I missed you and think about you every day. I then sent her a voice mail that I was concerned about what happened and why it happened to her. She kindly never responded back to it.

    The other day I was talking to another close friend where I said the wrong thing at the end of our conversation where she had to cancel the chat. I feel down and upset still. My ability to talk to woman has shot down..
  2. Your ability to talk to women has not been shot down. This is probably a mere coincidence. Your confidence will build up slowly. Maybe you're just having a little mental breakdown just because you talked to your 'EX' whom you still miss, knowing that you have lesser chances to get back together with her. I can sense a void in you, and that's not good. Stop attracting glimpses of your past life.
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    At least some of this has to do with the general way people use communication platforms that is based on I'm guessing text, I mean were all situations text messaging or does it involve voice or even video? Even with video like on Zoom I see people kind of generally disconnected, like it's just watching some stuff on the screen and not actually having conversation with people on the other end, human beings with lives and feelings. My point is when that's kind of the norm then EVERYONE will be less than personal and you're going to have people feel down unintentionally at least some times, and the more we communicate this way the more these kinds of experiences we'll have - and if we ONLY use these low bandwidth ways of communicating then it's more likely to cause this kind of situation even if it is unintentional, and over time it'll just snowball. But people still don't think about it with any detail. Even with video you only see the head, but a huge percentage of interpersonal communication is body language - that's not the head. But still at least you get to see the persons face and hear their voice instead of little bits of typed stuff.

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