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Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by dethly, Oct 14, 2019.

  1. dethly

    dethly Fapstronaut

    Hey guys, looking for anyone's input on this. I'm sure i've heard it all before but hopefully hearing it again from multiple people will help me on my path to success. I find it easy to stay away from the hardcore P, and it actually repulses me for the most part. My struggle now is dealing with p-subs!! Instagram pictures, googling my old favorite p***stars, youtube videos, etc. I can't filter these out with any filters.. believe me i've tried. How do you guys get around it? Do I just need to build the willpower? I've tried prayer but I lack the strength still. Please help!
  2. thegibbie

    thegibbie Fapstronaut

    I don't follow any IG models and I really limit the time I spend on that app.

    I don't use youtube unless its to watch a nofap video or sports highlights. I know if I go on there with no purpose then I will browse triggering content.

    I don't have any advice for googling the stuff you google other than to suggest you only open google when you absolutely need the answer to something.

    For me though, IG is a big trigger and I am very vigilant about that shit now. I take it super serious.

    I hope this was somewhat helpful for you.
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  3. dethly

    dethly Fapstronaut

    Perhaps I need to give up the internet for most of the day.. Like, only use it for a certain amount of time per day. I deleted Instagram entirely, so now I just need to manage the urge to not search up certain models/stars.
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  4. Nicko Stretch

    Nicko Stretch Fapstronaut

    Focus on faces if bodies come into your field of view. Every time your eye wonders you are getting a little dopamine hit and are sexualising your thoughts. If you are actively looking for 'eye candy' then in my mind it is just a substitute for P and not going to help.
  5. GregHill

    GregHill Fapstronaut

    I have learned to only use social media a Psub for sure when I need to for work, I log out when not using it. If I start using apps or chat or web searches I have a routine, I know how to log out of all apps, how to delete them and how to reset my phone dictionary. I will also contact my AP when needed. These are currently working well.
  6. New Journey

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    It depends what you use social media for. If, like me, you simply just use it to look at pictures of girls then just delete it all. I'd just spend hours looking through facebook, instagram, etc of the people I added or followed. Rather than relapsing over porn, I'd just do it over psubs instead. In the end I'd just want something more graphic, which just lead to porn again.
  7. dethly

    dethly Fapstronaut

    Yes that sounds similar to me. The problem that I find with social media is that even if you only follow pure pages based on motivation, sports or religion for example, than it doesn't remove the temptation to search up the Instagram models that you know are not private accounts! it's very difficult to use social media without succumbing to it's darkness.
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  8. the alpha project

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    Instagram was a major trigger for me and I kept relapsing until I deleted it.
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  9. HegHeu

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    I am having the same struggle some days it's easy when I am motivated enough but sooner or later I go to YouTube and see the filthy p subs and on Instagram too. Unfollowing the Insta models is like deleting my p stash that I did 3-4 yrs back but this Instagram models I can muster enough willpower to unfollow them and on YouTube I restrict myself to watch only subscribed content but I know sooner or later some suggestion will destroy me.
  10. Why did you choose the sexual transmutation sub to post in?
  11. dethly

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    I believe that I originally posted it somewhere else, and than it was moved. If not than I was probably aiming it towards abstinence

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