dealing with triggers - what to do

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Wario32, May 25, 2019.

  1. Wario32

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    Triggers are a killer - I'll have a good week not fanatasing - then I get triggered and then ugers pop back and fanatasing starts and goes out of control.

    What do you find that helps.

    What is helping me is I like to type my thoughts to read them .

    I know what I need to do but my mind is mush and will make the wrong decisions

    Right now a friend asked to hanger out and I'm going to do it
  2. Reborn_

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    Typing your thoughts is very helpful
    Think of urges as bursts of energy, use that energy to workout or do something fun outside. Don't ask yourself "Should I relapse?"
    Instead ask "What should I use this free energy for?"
  3. If I see an attractive girl, I immediately become hypnotized. The fantasy starts and I do my best to make sure I don't go to far to get myself into trouble. The urges are very strong but with every battle won, I will win the war. You will become stronger with time, just don't give in too your fantasy and it will pass.
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  4. Wario32

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    Thanks man - this what I need to work on the most - I get into a trance like no other - I just need to remind myself every day no good comes of it and I get sicker.

    The thought of it, is always better then the act - when you finally relapse it's always shit. Always. Feel like bloody grabage
  5. Yea bro. I Know what u mean, I was out all day, I just could not resist looking at every female next to me. Kinda wanto stop that, some girls don't even care if i stare, but I don't wanto be the creepy guy on the street know what I mean. Gotta keep doing this NoFap thing. I believe it works, I don't really care about porn as much anymore, is just real life woman that get me in a trance.

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