Dear friends! NoFap is just the beginning

From darkness, to light.

  1. Hi brothers and sisters (mostly brothers I know)
    I am one of you. I have great ambitions in life, but due to the influx of modern societal trends and my own inability to control my mind, I'm in a pitiable state.
    But that doesn't mean I'll give up. We have to keep going as long as we're alive. We nevwr know whether we'll get this chance again.
    I am posting this to say that NoFap is just a subset of what our ancestors called Brahmacharya. In fact it's a very very small part of it
    If you see NoFap is mostly a negation based methodology. You say NO to PMO. That will not serve you in the long run. You need to say YES to something and take that up.
    To understand the above better, let me give you an example
    Do as I say ok?
    DONT THINK about potatoes
    DONT THINK about tomatoes
    THINK about carrots
    Did you end up thinking (at least little) about potatoes, tomatoes and carrots? Interesting right?
    Our mind is just a word to form mapper.
    So when we say NO potatoes
    It maps no to negation
    And potatoes to this form
    And then makes sense of what the sentence is.
    As a result you end up thinking about potatoes instead of ignoring it
    That's why NoFap is helpful only in the short run. It tells you to say NO, but what so you think of instead? I tell you I have been there. I was celibate for 2 years and many times I said no to seeing girls, no to wasting Veerya but after that period I relapsed.
    Instead I should have concentrated on Brahmacharya and devotion to my Ishta Devata.
    So, that's what I would like to say
    You may be married or single, but always have a greater goal in life that will eclipse your addiction and make you a better person.
    I am far from there, but you might be nearer, so don't give up at this point!
    All the best
    A wannabe Brahmachari
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  2. Awesome, didn't realise there was a forum inside the group!

    May I ask who is your ishta devata?

    Jay Ganesha
    Jay Sri Lakshmi
    Jay Saraswataye Namaha
    Jay Sri Hanuman
    Om Namo Narayanaya
    Jay Sri Dakshinamurtaye Namaha
    Hara Mahadeva!
  3. The one variously known as Mahamaya, mother and Devi. The one who, if she will, can free me from the bondage of birth and death. Yet she keeps me here, so I can see her glories
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