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  1. Don’t want this post to be long but I was suffering from DE and ED my whole life. Never once O with a girl wether it be a bj or piv. I’m doing 90 days hard mode but after only 2 weeks I O’d from a bj in literally 2 minutes. Shocking lol. A huge relief and load off my shoulders. Even though it seems the worst is behind me I’m still sticking with 90 days, in fact I may just do it forever, there’s no point in fapping when you can be with a real girl lol. Stop touching urself boys!
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    man i am in the same boat at age 30 !! have had sex with soo many girls but could never EVER O from sex, bj whatever

    so happy for u dude ! after 2 weeeks!!

    have you thought to use cream as well to increase sensitivity? im only on day 5 :D
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  3. Nah I’m not big on creams, I think they’re the same as lotion essentially. It’ll make it look better but won’t really do much for sensitivity. That’s just my opinion however
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    Thanks for this post! it gives light and the end of the tunnel for those who need to see some success stories.

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