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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by topuwan88, Apr 11, 2019.

  1. topuwan88

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    im 30 years old male
    i just realize that death grip is exist and i think i got it
    im start faping around age 14 not on porn but just using my imagination
    then around 18+ i got access to internet and start faping from porn
    in my 10 years sex experience with diffrent girlfriend
    maybe i just cum on sex around 10% and the other 90% cum is using HJ even i rarely feeling satisfied with BJ
    at 1st i didnt know that this is a problem
    even in 10% of the cum i get its all in 1 position and its WOT
    i never can cum in MOT/other position
    so last week i when im starting to having sex with my new girlfriend
    the samething happen again and my girlfriend tell me im Faping too much and she say thats why i cant cum if not using hand
    at first i didnt believe it at all ,but i try to find some information and i realize maybe i suffer a death grip
    i usualy faping everyday or at least 5 times/week while waching porn or before sleep and always in the same pattern while sitting in front my pc

    so am i 100% suffer a death grip?
    is there any cure for my problem?
    i really want to enjoy having sex like other and i hope i can seek help from here
    sorry for the long post and my bad english
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    I suffer from the exact same thing! I'm 20 and have been faping for 7 years. I rarely cum during sex and usually only from HJ and WOT, never MOT like you. From what I've read doing a 90 day reboot might be the best course of action for the both of us.
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    What does MOT and WOT stand for?
  4. topuwan88

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    yeah now im trying to reboot my self also
    even if i relapse ill not using death grip to M again
    i read from this curedeathgrip plan A that i need to use lubricant or fleshlight when im M is really helpfull?
    any guys have information about that?
    i need to change how i M from now and not abusing the death grip again

    yes its stand for Man on top and women on top
    thats how we say it in my country
    i hope my sensitivity can be back to normal
    i really want to enjoy having sex and can cum in other position like doggy/missionary
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    I was going to ask this question. It is better to use the actual words as abbreviations cause confusion.

    The unusual words and abbreviations we use on this site are explained here:
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