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    Quick update because I'm really really struggling! I kept being able to get to around 7 days and I would lapse. I actually decided to go to Japan to try and help my mental state after the breakup and to distance myself from pmo. However I ended up searching for local ts escorts just to chat to which led to a total relapse and have started viewing porn again. One good thing I think is that I'm pretty confident that i'm done with the sissy stuff and haven't seen any in 6 weeks. My issues now are that I just can't seem to get a grip again. One of the biggest things is that I spent so long orgasming from anal I can now orgasm almost within seconds of just touching myself there and even a lot of times just thru thought alone! In 6 weeks i've reset 7 times now and probably only masturbated normally once. I can't help but feel a normal life for me just isn't going to happen anymore...i've spent so long rewiring my sexual preferences it seems...any thoughts? And thank you in advance

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