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    Decisions. Also a matter of TRUSTING YOURSELF. If you make the decision of staying away from PMO for a period of time THEN GOD DAMMIT STICK TO IT, if you dont then how on earth are you going to be able to rely on and trust yourself.

    If you can't stick to the decisions you're making (even tho its fucking bad ones ((thats the once you learn from the most)) you cant trust yourself and how do you believe others will be able to believe in trusting and relying on YOU if you cant even do it on your own?
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    As an old african proverb " if there's no enemy within , the enemy out side can do us no harm "
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    True. Wise words from older men.
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    I see you just had a reset, how can you trust yourself now?;)
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    It is your brain that is that causing you to relapse, for the sake of a dopamine fix that it has gotten a high off of every time you have fapped in the past. Please see my recommendations below, but for sure start with #4. It will answer your questions so you can understand the addictive behavior that you and the thousands of other guys like us deal with every day.

    Don't sweat it, you're among friends here. Here's my advice for you to get in the fight against PMO the easiest and most effective way below. IF you do these things and get fully educated, it goes a log way to fighting the urges and building a great streak.

    1. Share your story (how it started and where you are now with PMO)by starting a journal on the Forum - started already!
    2. Set up a porn blocker on your computer and all other devices.
    3. Get yourself an accountability partner on this site, and locally if you have a close friend you can safely confide in
    4. Visit to understand the science of the addiction so you can battle it with wisdom.
    5. Watch The Tedtalk here:
    6. Read posts here daily and update your journal - you'll understand others' experiences and how they may relate to you
    7. Set realistic goals and add a counter to help you and everyone see your progress - small steps seem very achievable and build confidence - large ones may make you feel like it is useless. I suggest picking one day past your longest streak.
    8. Ask questions along the way - we're here to help!

    Get back up, shake yourself off and let's march on PMO to take our lives back! Welcome to the team!
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    Thanks mate! although you make it sound like I dont know shit of my addiction. But yea I've been searching in YBOP, clearly not hard enough. I know I'm among friends and everyone heres trying to support me. It's just hard to understand by some of the comments AND I have a major real life issue that is WAY more important than this PMO thing. Or well, I believe I can use one to succeed at the other.
    Over all I'm just having a difficult time right now.

    1. I have shared a story before, not sure if I'm gonna continue doing so later on or not.
    2. Hard step to take but yea, no excuses...
    3. How do I find a accountability partner? well i have real life friends that I believe I can talk to. Only problem is that I have learned through experience not to trust anyone.
    4. Absolutely amazing site, love it!
    5. Yea I keep watching that clip on occasion.
    6. Ok. Will start doing that. Tho I have been starting to read for the first time in 5-7 years since I started watching porn. You know, real text..not all the way to books yet but they'll come, eventually.
    7. Yea, absolutely!
    8. Will do!

    Thanks alot man!

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