decrease in intelligence after PMO

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Marstttsijbdkdnw, Apr 19, 2019.

  1. Marstttsijbdkdnw

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    After the last PMO, for the next 4 days my ability to understand the subject matter gradually decreased until finally I really was unable to understand my school material. I felt back in the first time I entered school, that is when my brain was not trained (still stupid). Are there friends who experience that ??, I am very sad to experience this. After experiencing this reality I became not interested in learning. This is one of the things that makes me depressed, my important abilities have been lost.
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  2. rob13_

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    I think that's brain fog, not intelligence decreasing. Still sucks but not a permanent problem. Work on your self and itll come back.
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  3. Coolbreeze

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    Yes my man. You are completely right and many of us experience similar things. I myself can say that brainfog goes away pretty quickly. For me it disappears after like 3-4 days after PMO
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  4. LinuxSucks

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    Probably part of withdrawal, but it would get way better. With NOFap I scored my highest score in college last semester on 70 day streak . I have been relapsing constantly since this sem, will probably screw up college.
  5. CS1

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    Education + porn = impossible
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  6. Captain!

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  7. needhelpdesperately

    needhelpdesperately Fapstronaut

    Its just a part of Fap activity just give up for 90 Days u shall experience bliss after 3o days
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  8. ultrafabber

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    Yes, i am definitely much "slower" after I masturbate or watch porn.
  9. Anubis_2020

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    Whenever i used to get stressed i used to just go for it for that "shot of dopamine" until it became such a horrible habit for me. I even realized it increased significantly during the exams period which left me in deep mind fog and devastating results in my exams. Although i always had a partner during my university years i just found PMO to be my way of dealing with stress rather than blowing off sexual steam. Took me 7 years to achieve my degree and only because i was forcing myself not to PMO during exams. A few years later now i decided to follow up with a masters degree and found myself in the same dark cycle ! it's like no information sticks to my head at all and no matter how long I study, even if i give subjects 3-4 times what normally i or anyone would, when the day comes and i have to take it out on paper my brain just goes blank ! That's when i decided to join the nofap and although it's only been 2 days but from previous experience..all you need to do is give time some time and be both patient and brave

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