Deeply attracted to Anime Women. Need to stop.

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by LittleBigRobot92, May 26, 2021.

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    As a Christian, i used to rationalize "Anime women are ok to lust over because they are not real people with real souls." I was wrong to rationalize this. It is not the natural way of sex, and i have dug a hole for myself with it.

    I have wasted hours browsing Anime Character databases looking for attractive characters and i have even wasted a lot of money paying artists to draw them for me. This endeavor never satisfies.

    In terms of actually watching Anime, i consider myself a casual anime fan, but i try to watch certain shows just because the women looked cute on the boxart. I have never had any relationship with a girl in my life, and that is easy to see why.

    My problem is, I am so stubborn. I know Anime Women are wrong for me but i just don't want to give them up yet. My brain needs to reboot, i need to kick the habit.

    And guess what happens after i indulge in Hentai? I always go back to the real people porn and when i get tired of real people, i go back to fake anime girls again. It's a never ending cycle.

    I don't want anyone to dig a hole for themselves like i have had.

    There is this amazing music video on Youtube called "Me Me Me." it is about a young man who forsakes his girlfriend for anime girls and it completely consumes him. The video is titled "Me Me Me" because that is what Anime Porn does to you. It is a completely self-centered way of sex. Anime characters can't say no, or consent cos they are not real obviously. It completely warps any realistic expectancy from a real relationship that can have conflict and where consent is necessary.

    I am not going to link the video because it is full of lustful imagery and could lead one to relapse. If you do see it, Watch at your discretion.

    This is where i find myself today and i need to get out of this alluring trap.
    In the meantime, i am doing more research on how damaging this is and the more i do so, the more convinced i will get that this needs to stop now. I believe it is best for me to cut anime out of my life completely.

    I can see this effecting much more young men with the rise of hentai and Anime V-Tubers. Not to say Anime is bad, it is not, but the blatant fanservice ones are.

    Thank you for reading.
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    Agreed. I was never into hentai until two years and then I got hooked. Infact for a while I just watched hentai and nothing else...Since you are so aware of your short comings and you are researching already, I am sure that you will quit it soon. Keep strong and ask for help here whenever you need one
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    Thank you Karshup!

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