Delayed Ejaculation: A Truly False Paradise

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by jabari624, Jul 30, 2019.

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    I'll try to keep this somewhat concise.
    I'm an 18 year old guy. I'm in a loving relationship with what I believe to be the girl of my dreams. We have been together for a little over 8 months. Each and every day I spend with her is honestly better than the last. Unfortunately, every time we try to be intimate-whether it be PIV sex, hand jobs, or blowjobs- I CANNOT CUM! I've only cum twice from PIV sex with a condom on, and even in those instances it was honestly a chore to work up to. It didn't feel as good as my orgasms felt when I did it by hand.

    My beautiful girlfriend is so distraught about this; she feels as though I don't find her attractive and I am somewhat disinterested. I tell her again and again that I am not at all unattracted to her. Her self-esteem has improved somewhat, but I can tell that deep down my issue still bothers her as it bothers me. It is just so crazy! I get incredibly hard just from thinking about her. I get hard when we hug, kiss, or even when I am just driving her around and she places a hand on my neck! I am honestly just so lost. I've tried nofap seriously a month or so ago and I only got up to 9 days. My sensitivity somewhat improved but after the 9th day my gf gave me a hj and I was unable two finish. Now, I know I am young, and my sex life shouldn't be of extremely major concern. But I just want to be able to finish by the work of my gf and her work alone. It is just so frustrating.
    We have orgasmed together before, me jerking off and her touching herself next to me, but it is not the same. I want that release. I want to feel connected. I want to make her feel good.
    I started nofap again, and I am currently at 5 days. I want to keep this streak going for as long as possible. All I want is to be able to cum regularly and fully enjoy sex. Just the thought of having full control of my orgasm and finally seeing my girl's face light up after making me finish just gets me so happy. Well, that's my short little story/rant. I am really hoping that I can keep this streak going, and eventually fix my issue!
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    I am facing exactly the same problem, though I am not as young as you. I really do want to be able to perform for my significant other.
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    Dude, if you are watching po*n or edging at all, you WILL suffer in your sexual performance. Just dont ejaculate or watch porn for two weeks, and youll bounce right back. Youre young
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    Dude I had the same problem when I was with my ex. I would last for an hour sometimes longer and it was draining for myself, and my ex would feel insecure and shit about herself. I can last maybe 10 minutes now what worked for me is you have to just stop pmo and you have to let your girlfriend know you can’t have sex or do anything with her for a little awhile maybe kiss her and even pleasure her if you can without getting too horny. I don’t know if you’re like me but I use to masturbate way to fast and vigorously and this caused damage to myself so when I had sex it wasn’t the same as when I masturbated and I started masturbating when I was like 12 that’s a long time of doing it all wrong. So I had to stop everything all together and learn to reprogram my mind and my masturbation. I can actually finish in bed now because of this, and it makes my self esteem feel better. Let your girlfriend know and hopefully she understands man, all the best I hope this has helped.

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