Deliberately opened an image but closed it immediately... Relapse?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by duha, Feb 28, 2018.

  1. duha

    duha Fapstronaut

    Hello fellow fapstronauts,
    It just happened that in an application I use I curiously installed an adult addon and looked into how it worked. I got into an image section and an obscene image loaded (which was not unexpected of course). But as soon as I saw it, I immediately closed it, uninstalled the addon and made some preventive measures to stop myself attempting the same thing in the future.

    It was definitely deliberate but my glance was no more than a split second. Should I count it as a relapse? Or can I let myself go this time? I fear that updating counter and getting it to day 0 might dissuade me from carrying on and I may relapse for real...

    Any wise suggestion on what to do about it?
  2. bluejay805

    bluejay805 Fapstronaut

    What's an adult add on?
  3. duha

    duha Fapstronaut

    It is an extension (like found in browsers or code editors) of a media center application (eg. Windows media center, kodi, plex, OSMC etc.) which enables viewing adult content. These add-ons are not included in the default setup although they are not very difficult to find online. I don't want to go into more specifics because these stuffs might trigger others into curiosity and eventually lead to relapse.
  4. ali2k5

    ali2k5 Fapstronaut

    i dont think it counts as a relapse since u countered your curiosity ... it was an impulse but u did well to abstain it ... be careful
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  5. Marcus444

    Marcus444 Fapstronaut

    I definitely don't think this is a relapse. I would describe a relapse as deliberately seeking out pornagraphic images with the intent to masturbate / stimulate the mind.

    And if you can stop yourself before M then you can carry on. That's not a justification for 'just looking' though.
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  6. JustinX

    JustinX Fapstronaut

    You fucked up so much with this that any future reboot will not be anymore possible at all. You are done. ***sarkasm***

    You doing good job, just carry on that was nothing.But be aware that your brain will try to more and more sell you bullshit excuses why it will be okey to quicky watch some pictures. Be ready for these traps and do not fall for them.
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  7. duha

    duha Fapstronaut

    I definitely agree.
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  8. bluejay805

    bluejay805 Fapstronaut

    I have Qustodio for my fiancé (parental app). Are there any apps that I should look out for? I've blocked most media players...
  9. duha

    duha Fapstronaut

    I think that would be enough. These applications are simply deterrent for us adults and a safety net for under-aged. These tools can't control our behavior if we are too insisting but can help us as scaffolding while developing our contentiousness.
  10. JJackson

    JJackson Fapstronaut

    Unless u got a huge release of dopamine I wouldn't sweat it too much, definitely wouldn't call it relapse
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