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    I once retained for 83 days and felt pretty good.
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    I have to say I am actually look for the science behind this and I would love to actually explore it and expand on it because it gives me a motivational reason to do it I'm at a hundred and two days of no porn no masturbation no orgasm I get hard-ons and they just turned into the ways to point to the coffee maker I'm able to control them now fairly easy I work the crap out of my PC muscle 3 4 times a day I can crank a car up to this bad boy but I'm almost at the point now where I I don't even want to come I'm almost scared to come that's why it's hard for me to understand why people even relapse cuz I never want to start over again? I'm very interested in this I'd like to see where we could go with it I have a Last Man Standing forever right now that I'm trying out that could definitely go some distance me and my wife have a 275 day abstinence contract and by the grace of God or her decision that's how far we're going to go and who knows maybe further? I'm very motivated about this. Here are some of my observations
    102 days I feel absolutely amazing sometimes I doubt myself sometimes I don't most of the time I feel superhuman I think this is what it's like to be normal I wonder how much further we're going to go well we have a 275 day abstinence contract so I guess it's safe to saythat I still have 173 days which would be December 22nd but that can also be terminatedby God or my wife at any time but not by me is this what they callendurance? Stamina? Delayed gratification? Will power?Determination? Self discipline?Perseverance? Selflessness? Patience? Determination?Strength? Self control? Empathy? Altruism?ContinuousImprovement? Habit forming? Content? That's just the ones I could think up reallyquick what else couldyou do besides fapyourself?
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