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  1. Removing-Desire

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    hey guys !! hope everyone is enjoying life to the fullest and appreciating how lucky we all are to be alive!! I have a quick question does anyone follow any specific oral hygiene routines? I would be interested to hear what you know!
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    Sure, brush in the morning, brush in the evening, for about 2-3 minutes, without putting too much pressure on the gums.

    But there are things that I do for my oral hygiene outside brushing routines:
    - I don't eat very little meat or animal products, because these products tend to settle between the teeth and bacteria rots them, leading to acids staying close to the gums for long periods of time
    - I don't drink soda because the acids in the soda attack the enamel of the teeth and that leads to decay
    - I rarely drink coffees, wine or black teas; I stick to herbal teas and mostly water.

    Tooth decay is not caused directly by bacteria or by sugar, but it's caused by what the bacteria spit out after they eat the sugars in your food: acids. Saliva in general neutralises the acids, hence staying hydrated helps quite a bit. The fewer acids you have in the mouth, the better for your teeth.

    So your dental hygiene might have two components:
    - the routines
    - what you eat

    Hope this helps!
  3. Angus McGyver

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    I am following a quite meticulous routine for my oral hygiene. I brush my teeth 2-3 times a day with both a regular toothbrush and an electric one. At morning and night, I do floss my teeth and pick them as well and to this day, I haven't had a single problem with cavities over all these years. I used to have some issues with gum-pockets from time to time (before I started to pick my teeth as well) but that is gone these days.

    I know it might sound like a tedious and time-consuming process for just taking care of your teeth but I can promise it is worth it in the long-run since your oral health is well connected to your overall physical health. I also try to avoid coffee as much as possible (I normally limit myself to 8-9 cups / week) and try to drink some refreshing teas instead.
  4. Removing-Desire

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    thank you guys so it seems like the trick is to brush more and I avoid sugar most of the week I'm gonna try brushing more 2-3 times a day
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  5. Never ever get a root canal treatment done or any other type of human intervention when it comes to your teeth (not braces that are temporary but like mercury fillings and implants or something of that nature). Other than that, brush once or twice a day and you'll be fine. Be as biological as possible when it comes to your teeth. NO root canal procedures. Do not trust your dentist when they say it's fine, it's not. It is a surefire way of contracting systemic infection and you can't warn enough people against this.
  6. Removing-Desire

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    I had no clue thank you I will avoid that I'm sure it's just for them to make more money; as most things are.
  7. Awedouble

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    Brushing and flossing is pretty standard and important for upper respiratory health too, ever notice when you are sick and forget you might get worse, and if you brush and floss you feel better? There may be an indirect influence on PMO too, like if you're tolerating plaque and crappiness in your mouth you might be more inclined to go with the nasty PMO habit I've noticed.
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  8. Awedouble

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    Oh also when you need an extra boost look into BLIS K12 lozenges, I forget what the dental one is but sometimes it has both the number for it is 18 I think. (the BLIS K12 is for ear, nose throat health)
  9. Removing-Desire

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    ill check that out; how often should brush be changed out??
  10. jarvyjarvison

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    When the blue dye on the brush starts to fade
  11. Sinbad

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    Don't forget annual checkups with the dentist.
  12. I went to dentist for teeth scaling (removal of dental calculus) then the dentists suggested filling the teeth got caries. I was recommended to check the doctor once every 6 months. I brush my teeth twice a day, at morning and night. At night, i use floss. Once in two/ three days i extract juice from the Citrus Microcarpa fruit (it’s the name of the fruit family of lemon or you can use lemon as well) on the toothbrush, then put some salt on it and brush to buff your teeth and reduce dental calculus, then brush your teeth again with toothpaste to clean and buff them.
  13. Oh yeah, I started changing that up the moment I started my NoFap.

    -Brush my teeth at least once in the evening, sometimes If I remember to do so, i'll do it after lunchtime or breakfast, or before work.
    -Bathing/showering every day post workout, or before work.
    -Laundry is done every 2-3 days.
    -Dishes are done every 1-2 days
    -Face & head shaved every 3-4 days
    And, for a nice little bonus for the SO I have yet to meet....
    -Suntanning twice a month during the summer months
  14. abragred

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    well, damn if you don't follow a dental routine. I usually go once a month to the dentist for a check-up and at home, I follow a really strict dental hygiene. I wasn't always like this like I was mostly too lazy to stick to a routine, so I let it be until I had a really nasty infection full of pus and I absolutely had to go to the dentist. It was then when I searched for a good dentistry to resolve my problem that I found this one and my love for dental hygiene came from there cause it now seems so relaxing and refreshing to have a minty breath all the time.
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  15. Testify

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    I have a tale to tell. Before getting a raw food/paleo diet, i used to get cavities. Now i don't. I coukd even go to bed without brushing my teets and nothing would happen. And i discovered that fluride in the toothpaste is very bad for iur brains.
  16. Exthinker

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    Two times a day I brush my teeth in the morning and evening also, I use special toothpaste fro whitening.
  17. There's also sleep hygiene, which is a matter of timing. Think about how this affects oral hygiene: If you can brush in the morning vs. when you go to sleep at night for around 8 hours, what makes more sense? You're going to eat throughout the day but you've got about 8 hours of clean time at night. People don't ever stop and think about this but an accumulation of toxic waste IS a matter of timing. The plaque has a chance to grow bacteria when you let it sit there. If you had to brush and floss one time during the day it obviously is better at night and you get more mileage out of the same amount of time spent. As far as sleep etc. there are other factors but that's just a simple example of how the logic works.

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