Dependency and change

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    Ill start this off with a quote, and you can take it however you want it. "nothing is true everything is permissible" By Hasan Al Sabbah, wise man of the mountain. This is my gift to you guys, this quote. No matter how painful streaks may be or how tempting it may be, you may be on day 1 and everything may be hell, but remember, it too will. You may be in darkness and feel alone, but it will pass, you may be happy and motivated but it too will pass. This is why consistency is so important guys, one of the biggest Im learning right now is, even if the pain is lifted and Im healing, i still have to be consistent because your brain during recovery can be like a double edged sword, it can put you in moments of stress when your least expecting it with the let out of giving in and fapping.

    So far in my journey I have learned, that Im doing this for myself first, for me must be able to love our selves before we love others, but we also must conquer ourselves before we conquer other things, for the battle of I against I is the greatest. Which brings me to this, dont be dependent. Nofap isnt for you to get girls to touch your junk, if your going out with this type of mentality your still viewing females as objects but your also lowering yourself and your values, while your on nofap dont be exercising for women, be exercising for yourself. While doing my daily pushups today I realized, so what If I never get a girlfriend or get married, all the sudden I had an epiphany I felt lefted and free from my attachments towards things, don't give life into things, you are a part of life your self and must learn or should atleast try to consider learning that your not superhuman but its super in its self to be human.

    Remember folks, be consistent, in whatever it is that you do thats to your benefit in a positive way. and be loving and understanding towards all humans, because were not all perfect, but lets try to be the best we can be. Dont be doing nofap for gain of dependency, because trust me, it will pass and you will be disappointed. But if your doing this for the better of yourself, alone or with someone you will be happy, either way.

    Dont give up folks!

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