Depressed? Tired? ... Drop it All and Take a Nap!

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by asfixiated, Oct 16, 2015.

  1. asfixiated

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    I've had a lot of trouble in the past with fatigue - fatigue that largely stemmed from over-ambition. I would constantly be mad at myself for neglecting the twenty hobbies I started and never pulled through with, for not exercising, eating healthy and being hyper-productive at school/work. I should be doing all that and have time to spare - I have enough daylight hours, after all!

    This unfortunate mindset would often lead to a kind of depressed fatigue, which would often lead me into a PMO and laziness death-spiral. So I tried many techniques - goal-setting, planning, scheduling, cold showers. Nothing worked!

    One day, I realized all my techniques and my mindset had one thing in common - I had to be pushing myself practically non-stop, and resting was "evil". Resting was "procrastination". After all I'd missed so much until now! I had to start "sprinting" to "catch up in life", right?

    Wrong. Self-improvement is, if you'll excuse the cliche, a marathon, not a sprint. I wanted it all at once, fast, but in reality the answer was taking it slow. So I slowed down. I let myself rest.

    As of a few months, I spend only about 5 hours a day at work. In the middle of my workday I come home and have a 45 minute nap, a nice, relaxing lunch and a cup of coffee. And it's worked wonders! I get a lot more done in my 5 hours at work than I ever did during full 8-hour days, because I rest, frequently and without guilt, when I'm tired.

    Now, I've got it pretty cushy with a salary and a loose work schedule. But the truth is you too can benefit from napping! Or rather, you can benefit from knowing that it's ok to rest. I nap as many as 5 times a day, and I'm getting more done than ever before!

    It's better to just rest when you're tired, rather than force yourself to stay awake because "you have work to do". This is especially true when you're just starting a big commitment and it's very taxing on you - like NoFap for example. Your body and mind are tired - cut them some slack!

    Of course, I recommend timing your naps so you don't oversleep and get groggy - max 45 minutes. Put your alarm away from the bed/couch - at least a short walk away. After that time, get up (as in physically stand up, at least for a bit) and try your best to do stuff for about 15 minutes. Can't? Take a shorter nap (15 mins or so) and try the same thing again.

    Sitting around, worrying about all the things you should be doing and fighting fatigue like it's an enemy can create an illusion of progress. Fatigue is your friend - it lets you know that your body is tired, that your brain has to relax for a bit.

    Don't Fap - take a Nap!
  2. Congrelous

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    Man, this is a problem for me, definitely.

    I've got this cultural ethic in my head to be doing any kind of productive (or nonproductive) thing other than sleep.
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  3. Temujin

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    I'm getting more into this. I now spend down time doing nothing. I don't play games, watch tv ect. Down time is for just sitting. I feel much more rested as a result. I set myself three tasks for each day and once they are done the rest of the day is just for doing nothing.
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  4. Thechosenone

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    Thank you for posting this I will incorporate this into my life
  5. Hiro 304

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    Wow! I've took a nap before going to swim and now I'm feeling way more active than before!
    I've always wondered why my body would feel dead and tired after coming home. And the answer is finally here.
    Thank you!
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  6. himmelstoss

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    What job and what country? I'm looking for careers that would give me some flexibility too.
  7. Jodokus

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    I discovered this too, for myself. Sleeping is a natural escape from fapping when you're already in bed or in the night.

    Often I want to achieve more instead of giving in to my tiredness. But to let loose and sleep is way more better than giving all up and fap!!!!!

    Napping or sleeping don't cure only the body but the mind too. It gives you a fresh start.
    Fapping works as a relieve of stress for us. But it exhausts the body and eventually the mind too.

    With work I think quality comes before quantity ;)

    I will try to take some naps here and there on day-time, cause I like to get up early in the morning but I like the nights too.
    Thx asfixiated :)
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  8. Razielcreed

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    I agree totally , when i was starting out someday when an urge came up i felt sleepy and i had 2 choices , either fap or nap haha , i noticed that when i go and sleep it off i wake up very energized and without any urges to , a nap is a great tecnique to brush off an urge but not everytime , beware to not procrastinate on your work though , sometimes when i am tired i try to force my self to do IMPORTANT "needed" STUFF .
  9. salima01

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    Thank you for sharing, i don't feel of doing anyth after PMO. It's been days. =(
  10. TheStrugglingPoet

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    Great post! I need to remind myself of this. I have a busy schedule but I'm sure I can fit naps in.
  11. Awesome post man!, i know these feelings when you don't have a lot of free time and try to play catch up in your goals and self improvement. It definetly is a marathon i think most people including myself see others further ahead but i keep telling myself. "Were all different, we can't all be the same".
    I wanted to add a couple things about naps.
    -If you can take a nap on a couch, your less likely to just fall asleep if you nap on a bed. Lol
    -my favorite.
    Say you get off of work come home knowing that you need to go to the gym.
    Drink some tea or something with a little caffeine and right after that set a timer for 25-29 minutes. When you awake the caffeine will kick in .

    You guys are awesome!!
  12. Jorrap

    Jorrap Fapstronaut

    It's my first week of my first challenge, and taking a nap saved my streak today. I think delicious cake helped too.
  13. whoami33

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    Now is 2018 and im replying to move your thread UP
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  14. Brilliant advice that sounds so simple but so many, including me, get wrong in life
  15. EthanMitchel

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