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    Ok so today has made me from being happy and chill to being just sad and despair. No i didn't relapse but something else. Today I learned that the girl I really like has a boyfriend and when I first heard it I was crushed so crushed. I began doing nofap not only for my health but also for her. I did nofap so that one day I'll have the confidence to actually talk to her. But now I feel like I'm struggling for nothing. I think that I'm doing nofap for nothing now. I know u guys who will read this will probably think I'm stupid or something but I'm just really bummed out I feel that I'm just unattractive and that I should just give up. Every time I think about it I just get really sad, mad, etc that shes taken. I know that I should just get over it and move on but I just can't this girl is so beautiful and I just find her so attractive I'm just hurt. I thought if I wrote this down it might make me feel better and it kind of is. I'm sorry if anyone finds this stupid or whatever but I just felt writing this down. I'm on day 29 and good luck to others
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  2. I'm also experienced that last year and I'm being heartbroken. Since looking at a girl with attractive looks is so unavoidable. She was taken because of that. I got the same feeling with you, bro. I'm lacking of confidence in my nature, since I'm very new here, I really want to change my life not only in stopping watching PMOs and stuff, but also in self confidence. It's natural for us to feel sad and depressed but it will pass after several months. It's just a crushes and believe yourself. Doing more hobbies can make you easily moved on. I'm also trying it and now, I'm nearly moved on from it.
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    Its really nice you shared you anger and frustration.

    These things happen in every ones life and the important thing is how you tackle it.

    I also had a crush, I became close to her and I said her that I like her. She said no. I asked her multiple times, she said no.

    I could have gone mad. I would have scolded her.

    But I became best friend to her.

    Don't make your crush your point of life. Go beyond it. Try gymming, sports, volunteering. You may find better one.

    Nofap is your challenge not hers. Don't make it for her. Continue nofap for your great good soul.

    I hope you continue nofap for your own good.
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    Do NoFAP for yourself firstly.

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