Depression and an extreme feeling or boredom after 1 week

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  1. I have been struggling with nofap for a couple of years, and I have massively reduced my porn consumption, but I'm far from free.

    The first like 2 days it's a struggle, but I feel more and more energized the longer i remain PMO free. after like 5 days, my sex drive goes through the roof, but I feel in control and still feel really good. But almost always at day 7, I just feel empty and depressed. I'm constantly bored and nothing feels stimulating at all. This usually results in me relapsing of course. Partially because of instant gratification when horny, bored and depressed, but also because I again start to suffer from the thing I'm trying to escape, social isolation and anxiety.

    How can I progress past the 7 day mark, and also, why do I get this nofap "depression"?
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    The depression is most likely caused by your dopamine receptors resetting. For so long you were used to the giant hit of dopamine that when you don't get it, your brain doesn't feel too great. Also it could be that you have been using PMO to numb those depressive feelings for a while and you may not even notice it until you stop PMO'ing. As for the longer than 7 day streak, I'm stuck there as well so I can't really help there. But keep going! I'm proud of you and all that you're accomplishing!
  3. Thanks for the support kind stranger, and likewise!

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