Depression and HOCD

Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Wolkmann, Jan 11, 2018.

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    Do you guys have it too? I've been feeling quite depressed, something that has been dragging out for one year. I feel like shit, like if I was the most stupid and weakest person ever, I tell myself I'll never achieve anything, will never have a real relationship nor even get laid (I'm still a virgin), plus, lately I've been masturbating quite a lot to shemale porn and I feel more and more gay day by day, like if I was a gay in denial. I couldn't abstain from PMO for longer than a week lately, and never abstained for longer than 12 days.
  2. Hi @Wolkmann. I sympathise with your feelings and situation. I looked back to some earlier posts, but I couldn't see any kind of introduction that gave the history of your start and the progression of masturbating to other people having sex. Even though you have been here six weeks, you could still introduce yourself in New to NoFap. That will help me and others give you some specific feedback on this question. Sorry to see you are on zero days, too. I feel for you. Chin up buddy! :)

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