Depression as reason to relapse. Help!

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Crunchy leaves, Aug 17, 2018.

  1. Crunchy leaves

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    I'm greatly depressed now, and most of my relapse is usally triggered (emotion) by anger and depression. Shortly speaking, due to my depression, I'm now become vulnerable to relapse and I think that I will fall few minutes or hours after this. Help!, most of the emergency sites are blocked on my country so i can't really do anything except forcing me to do physical activity but, thanks to the depression, I don't want to go anywhere outside my room.

    *I really need advice even when I overcome this urge because it's the main reason I keep relapsing
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    on the panic button there are 2 quotes that goes something like this " don't listen to the things your brain tells you when you are sad and lonely" I like that one and try to remember it alot. I guess my memory sucks still but that one and " if your going through hell ; keep going". Your brain is searching for excuses for a chemical rush. Hang in there, take cold showers. They take me out of depression annd/or sadness. I will take 2,3,4 cold showers a day. They help a shitload.
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    Last night I had the first real urge in this streak. Then I took a cold shower. Man, if anything helps vaporate urges then cold showers are it. If you are really depressed, I mean like a disease, like I had in my life, then you need to seek help for that first. If you mean you are just sad, well yeah, then you have indeed to take action, go for a walk, get the body moving, and the spirit will move with it. The longer you sit and wait, the bigger the chances become you give into the porn-habit again. Maybe you can shut off internet for a while? What helped me a lot was (and is) the "30 days of discipline" - program by Victor Pride. That for sure will help you get of your ass. Good luck!
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    The emotional issues are withdrawal symptoms, the only thing a relapse does is make you have to go through it again. So if you always lose in those moments you're just trapped feeling like shit. Anytime you're about to fall victim to that, remind yourself of this fact. The fact that relapse makes it so you have to go through it again and staying clean makes it go away in a relatively short amount of time.

    Maybe something in this thread could help you as well:
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    firstly stop saying to yourself that i am depressed start saying i am stronger thoughts influence action remember it is just in your head when your mind kicks in to fap because of this "fake depression" say to yourself i don't want to live like this ,i want to fight back things don't change until i change . every time you fap you low your willpower and self confidence and it will continue to grow to end this ,all you gotta do is say to yourself is i am the greatest i will not bow to you not today not tomorrow

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