Depression killing me

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by a.b.c_starboy, Jun 6, 2019.

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    Well, long story short: I couldn't achieve desired result in the exam so kinda depressed so hardly like I'm dying inside. Also a kind of war-like situation going on in my family for my result. My mind got messed up so badly that need some satisfaction very badly. So started to see porns so much that I think I didn't got that mad ever. After so much things I tried to resist pmo which lasted for about three weeks I started to go in the deep of failure. I can't find any meaning of success in life anymore and very addicted to pmo now. Like doing m everyday in a row. Depression everywhere.
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    Get back on track, nothing good is gonna happen while you're depressed. It's not the end of the world. Don't take it so hard on yourself.
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  3. Depression is a complicated problem. There's many parts to it. There's not only one way to deal with it there is a lot way and techniques. There are many triggers and if you learn them you can begin to manage your depression

    Eating can change your mood and not eating can make you feel depressed

    Doing nothing is a result and is a cause of being depressed, I know you don't want to do anything but a lot of times that's all it takes I have an object in my room for whenever I feel low its a reminder to just do anything

    Google search and study viscous cycle

    Your thoughs invoke feelings and your thoughts are the easiest to change on the vicious cycle,

    You can always interpret things as good even if they are bad and choose to belive the good

    Realize you can think your right and be wrong.

    Realize you can think your wrong and be right

    Realize you all your interpretations could be right

    Realize all your interpretations could be wrong

    The power is in what you choose to believe and that's what determines if the spin on your vicious cycle will be good or bad thus making your sad or happy
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    I myself have depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder mainly based on HOCD, thinks of suicide but I try to cut it all down. I have been taking medication for 2 days and I am waiting for the effects (may they come). I hope that it will bounce off the bottom, and anyone who suffers from it - for example, the author of this topic.
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    You know, my profile pic actually accurately depicts my advice here.
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    When I failed, I would Google " How to overcome failure". I suggest you doing the same. Keep an open mind, read as much as possible, I think many blogger have advices and good points to persuade you that you are worthy, deserve love and have the right to be happy no matter what. I also recommend you to watch some videos on Youtube from "the school of life" channel. The videos are a little bit hard to understand (i don't even understand 70% of them, honestly) but they are very helpful and educating. I know how bad we feel when we failed an exam but life has a lot more than just grades or straight As. And believe me, PMO lead you to nowhere, sooner or later you have to face the real world again. So, stand up, smile and try again. My best wishes to you
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  7. Awesome, Jay Shetty videos and Fearless Soul also very good!
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    Thanks very much the youtube channel is worth it. I agree I have to face the real world no matter how much pmo I do. And I think I started to feel it.
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  9. That's a spirit, keep up and post us the progress brother! :)
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