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Discussion in 'Loneliness' started by Unworthy_cuber, Jul 29, 2020.

  1. Unworthy_cuber

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    So I've been feeling depressed for past few days, even if I do nothing and sit alone I feel worthless and I've read that it is know as flatline but even if I do nothing or even if I listen to my favourite songs I feel like nothing, if you're feeling that. When I started PMO ive always felt depressed and now also, when it will fade? Any help?
  2. Ruthless Hamster

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    It will fade when you start actively addressing the problems that you were trying to medicate with other types of things. For example, for you, I'm assuming you medicate depression/loneliness with watching porn.

    Negative feelings/depression and such will subside when you start addressing the problems that you have in your life. You feel more liberated when you deal with them and then they fade away which gives you motivation. People can still feel like absolute shit doing their favorite things like listening to music, playing games etc. Our brains work in different ways.
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    One thing that is really helping me atm is rebounding on a trampoline around 20min in the morning.
    I still feel like shit but much better shit.
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    I watch these channels (when I am very sad)...

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