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  1. malemedusa

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    Just completed 24 days, and all is still going very well except for one thing. SEVERE DEPRESSION!!!

    I realize that depression can be a symptom of withdrawal, but is it normal to still be experiencing these symptoms (the other is insomnia) this far into a reboot. Well, I may not be that far into it as far as reboots go. It's just that 24 days is the farthest I've been in a really long while.

    I'm so glad to be doing this challenge, it's just that right now I'm really really feeling like s**t.

    Don't worry my brothers, I'm not going to relapse. We're all in this thing together and we are going to see this thing through. In the past I would have PMOed my way out of this depression, that is not longer an option!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  2. whatvidone

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    hmm im only 9 days in myself but i wish i could help, from what ive read though people seem to go through a depression faze for the first 2 months. Then its all good from there. Not sure if thats true but I hope it helped.
  3. it's for the best

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    I too am depressed. I think of it this way: If you suffer through the pain then eventually you will break through the wall to happiness. Depression is temporary. I've found that when Im depressed and do end up masturbating then I do temporarily feel better but then end up to day one again very depressed feeling like even worse shit. You just gotta learn to love the pain and KNOW that this is only temporary. Remember, no matter how bad you feel, you'll always feel worse after you masterbate.
  4. KrmGrn

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    The best relief from depression I've ever found is exercise. And I've struggled with severe depression for years, tried different medications, all kinds of things. Can't recommend exercise enough. Right now, I'm doing yoga. I was injured this year so it made cardio and weightlifting off limits. Yoga is pretty amazing. And you don't have to be in great shape to do it (I'm not in great shape... I put on a lot of weight after my injury). But you do have to get past your ego. Sometimes I feel like the worst person in the class, but it doesn't matter. It's about accepting where you are today and working from there and letting go of comparing yourself to others. In addiction to relieving depression, it's improved my strength and flexibility, helped with my focus and willpower, and improved my posture, among other things.

    Plus, it gets you around people. Even though I don't really talk to people in the class, it's good to be around others who are also working on improving themselves.

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