Derealisation and depersonalisation is caused by masturbation

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    Dear community!

    We all should know at this point in time, that no pleasure is for free. Everything has a price, so does sexual pleasure.

    Excessive masturbation is the direct or indirect cause of many hideous and scary disorders, especially disorders of the mind.

    In this thread I will discuss two mental disorders, two different but in many aspects similiar in its expression; these are depersonalisation and depersonalisation.

    Derealisation is simply the feelings of being less alive, or perhaps it's best described as the lack of feelings of being alive. It's a truly scary condition, when the individual does not respond as powerful to external stimuli anymore, they report feeling as living in a dream, they report a smaller range of emotions, some report a complete loss of emotions, atleast positive ones. Basically the everything they feel is fear and anxiety. And reader, don't you know at this point what makes you feel fear? What is the most effective way to increase the fear in someone? Masturbation! The symptoms of derealisation varies a little from individual to individual but there are some common ones that I'll list here:

    * Detachment from reality and from oneself
    * Some kind of disconnection to emotions
    * Feelings of living in a bubble and sometimes a feeling of their eyes being covered with some immaterial substance
    * Disconnection from memories
    * Loss of clear will and goals
    * Generally weird thoughts

    Depersonalisation is kind of the same, but here it's more of a detachment of oneself, and not of the environment. An individual can have both of these disorders, making it even more painful

    So why does everyone relate this to some childhood trauma? Probably because the disorders itself cast such a fog and doubt over the individuals entire being. Many ignorant people then turn to the psychoanalytical nonsense, and try to explain their wicked condition with some hubbla-habbla models that never been scientifically proven. Fact is, and I don't know how many times I'll have to say it, humans are experts at resisting the misfortune of life. We're born with tremendous strength and in the vast majority of lives, we're about to expect a decent mental health, and most people keep their general will to live throughout their life. It's impossible to develop derealisation and depersonalisation without an occuring unnatural influence such as masturbation, heavy drug abuse or excessively alcohol intake. And one single drug experience cannot cause this disorder. But when someone combine stress, drugs and masturbation, then the individual is more than likely to suffer from a scary mental disorder of some kind.

    Masturbation, trauma, panic anxiety all contribute to a disorder of this kind, but it's very likely that it would never occur if the individual never practiced masturbation.

    * Most people that got this disorder develop it in puberty when masturbation is frequently practiced

    And it doesn't always have to break out during the act, or after, but some days after, or in combination with a drug, or a panic anxiety attack. However, panic anxiety is in many, many cases, if not almost all cases caused by masturbation. Marijuana or a single use of alcohol does not have the power to induce a disorder of this kind alone, but if the individual has weakened his/her vitality with excessive masturbation, and by nature is a nervous person, then it's a very high chance to develop it, especially if it's triggered by masturbation.

    There are also persons with a perfectly normal childhood, who never tried a drug and who never had a panic anxiety attack who develop this disorder. Then it's caused by masturbation alone. The root of this disorder is fear, it's a state of constant fear and it's the fear that makes the individual detached from reality and oneself, and in some cases other people too.

    Is there a cure?

    Yes it is. Abstain from masturbation, porn and other sexual activity, do not take any drug whatsoever, don't even think of drinking alcohol or marijuana, since marijuana increases the fear in some individuals and worsens this condition. Don't use caffeine, nicotine either, those are poisons to the mind. If you had DR/DP for years then it will take years to fully recover from it, however benefits are expected to be seen after some months.

    This is an unnatural disorder caused by unnatural influences.

    - Clumsy
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    Very good article, thanks for the post :)
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    Question, I couldn't help but look at your quote "I reset my counter whenever I use tobacco, alcohol or any other drug (including caffeine) but also if I listen to music or PMO, or if I have a wet dream."

    Why do you reset your counter when you listen to music?
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    I struggled with depersonalisation episodes which lasted from few minutes up to a day or so years ago. I learned that they are only temporary and that everything will come back to normal after a while, but when you're not used to it it is indeed scary.

    Your way of looking at it is new to me, thanks for your post!

    EDIT: Oops, this thread just returned from the grave...
    EDIT²: And the OP is banned.
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    Masturbation is fooling the mind thinking its having sex. When you fool yourself over and over and over the brain doesn't know how to react leaving us with anxiety and fear! It makes sense now.

    Dont fuck around with your biology. Your breakung the connextoon with your soul.It's THE most dangerous thing ever.
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    I don't know why clumsy's profile is banned, but I agree with everything he said. State of being in constant fear, that has become my Life. Thank you for this post, saved it.
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    I completely agree with you. thanx fir your post.
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    Clumsy is a good man. He was banned for being a genius, haha! Geniuses tend to butt heads with smaller minded people, and Clumsy sure liked to butt heads.

    Ahhh, we miss you Clumsy :D
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    Good article. I can relate these two symptoms with mine.
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    These findings sound logical to me, somehow I can relate to them. Such a pitty that @Clumsy became banned, because I would like to know if there is scientific evidence for these findings, especially where he states that M is the main reason for these disorders.
    Does onebody know if there is scientific evidence for that?
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  11. I went to the doctor today because I had a huge lump on chest. Caused by lack of testosterone or overproduction of estrogen. Possible causes: Excessive marijuana smoking, and steroid use. I know it's not steroid use because I don't do that. I know its very possible from Marijuana use. I know it's possible from excessive masturbation too. I KNOW SO.
    Here is an article:

    Marijuana lowers T levels and so does masturbation.
    Depressed monkeys in the jungle have this behavior where they masturbate when they feel depressed. The Alpha monkeys/Gorilla gets to mate more often because he does not masturbate. You can google it.

    Have a good one.
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    I remember the early days of nofap for me last year, I'd see clumsys profile PIC and always remebe this guy being very very smart. It's a shams he's had his profile banned. I hope he makes a new account soon to share some more wisdom!
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    Why clumsy is banned? I want know more of his theories
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    why the fuck is a wet dream or music relapse for him?...
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    All you need to know is that he was banned. The place to take that up with the community is privately to a moderator.
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    I was gutted when clumsy got the boot. He was alright, a little out there but alright. He was entertaining more than anything. I remember clearly him telling me how he idolised Dr Kellogg. That says a lot.
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    He was a fine person.

    Forum politics were too much for him in the end it seems.
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    Awesome post.
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    Why do you have so many WD's boy? When are you going to master your dreams?

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