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  1. Hello. This may be a controversial topic, but I found a three parter hypnosis series designed to remove your will to have an O or to be turned on.
    I thought I would share it. It may not be for everyone.

    Please share me your thoughts.
    Google "desexualisation hypnosis" First find on vivehypnosis.
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  2. lordofweed

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    have you listened to it?
  3. I didn't have time yet. But I fetched it from it from that "shady" site. I can send it anyone who requires it.

    Edit: I still intend to use it, and write my experiences about it. Although Im not native english, so others may have better experiences with it. (And Im also curious on their experiences aswell)
  4. tyrharper

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    Let me into your mind and I will

    • Turn you into a slavedrone
    • Fuck your mind
    • Turn you into a girl

    Perhaps it is just a scam, but I wouldn't run the risk of allowing "Vive" into my mind...
  5. Aymartins

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    Hey man, I’d like to give it a try.. never done anything ‘hypnosis’ before don’t even know if hypnosis actually works.. send it to me will ya?
  6. Well and even worse, using virustotal, one of the antiviruses reported the website. So I downloaded it from a virtual linux.
    Yeah, I would suggest listening to (any) the script in an awaken state first.(no risk) Then, if you like the suggestions use it to go under.
    Maybe its not for everyone ofc.
  7. I'm not wishing to have a relationship.
    Also, masturbation (actually any release) gives me a strange fatigue and depression for the next few days.
    I wish to get rid of the urges, and stop having sexual thoughts completely. I don't care if I don't orgasm ever again in my life.
  8. If you could send me a message please, I dont find the message button...
  9. JoeinUSA

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    Sounds interesting...Tell us how it worked for you, if at all.
  10. Stay away from this thing, or you will get nerve damage. I warned you.
  11. How do you know?
  12. Going to, I just don't have a good schedule , I am always tired at nighttime so I always keep skipping listening to it.
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  13. JoeinUSA

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    Not quite a formal hypnosis session but a kind of unwitting self-hypnosis perhaps, one time when wanting to get away from junk food, I once imagined the sugary, syrupy gulp that would run through my veins if I partook, weighing me down, making me sluggish, depleting all the vitamins and nutrients from my body. Suddenly the thought of junk food or sweets became sickening to me, and a nice salad seemed a delight. It continues to work quite well for me when strolling down shopping aisles. I once thought if I had ever gone to a professional hypnotist, I could suggest this hypnotic image as one that would be effective on me.

    Anyway, just recently, someone on Nofap posted a blurb that included a name of a website that was his Achilles heal and caused him to PMO. I had never heard of it before and didn't quite know what it was all about, and technically it is a violation of Nofap rules to mention such things so as not to lead those in recovery to new ideas and new venues for relapse. Anyway, I had to research it and check out what it was at the very least, just on an intellectual level, but knowing it could be risky, too, of course. Anyway, I was introduced to a new venue of porn that I never knew really existed or at least I never partook of before. Needless to say, the whole thing made me feel quite sick, and I suddenly had some kind of omniscient insight of how sick and godless most people in the world are, how there's really no interest and love of God in many hearts, and how most are content in swimming in their own filth and misery. Of course, I knew such people existed before this, but just on a shallow imaginary level. Now I understand on a grander intellectual level - and I am quite sickened by it for real now, and I wasn't even aroused by anything on the site, although I did use some shields. Mostly, I was just profoundly saddened amid revelry, conceit, and laughter. Anyway, I'm thinking that this sickening effect will be beneficial for me like the sickening thought of sugary syrup in my veins. My appetite for PMO has suddenly collapsed.

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  14. Experienced that. I told you very well, pmo fcked your brain already, dont mess it up more with hypno.
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  15. lordofweed

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  16. Thanks! I wouldn't call it the most informative discussion but better than nothing. I relapsed a number of times, and got addicted to pmo more than I started with. I think I will finally decide to start to use these files and see if they do anything.
  17. Anyone who plan to try any of these records please do not. They can cause long term brain damage.

    Hypnosis is not the answer, you are looking for.
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  18. Aneto

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    That shit may have brought someone here, so just leave things alone and don't look for shortcuts.
    Maybe you should visit a professional instead. A reboot is painful and slow, even if one is deeply convinced that he wants to recover. Avoid reversal hypnosis, as any hypnotic state is likely to be reinforcing regardless of its content. Live in the present, feel yourself in your body, feel the floor underneath you, and know that you're going to be okay.

    This testimony may interest you:
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  19. CodeTalker

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    Don’t mess with hypnosis. It can do a lot of harm even if you think « it won’t work on me ».
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  20. Alright, please also write reasons why you state your beliefs before you continue witch burning. Because this comment section is full of arguments ranging from "not effective/not working" to "severe brain damage" to "its another form of sissy hypnosis" (EDIT: Without any proof, experience, or any reason why you think so.) (its NOT a sissy hypnosis and also NOT a reversal hypnosis it is designed to COMPLETELY make you uninterested in sex (Which 99% of people don't want to achieve myself EXCLUDED))

    I'm open to every input but please also write your experiences and your reasoning before you post a reply.
    Also: I relapsed today again, and I start to get hooked even more to PMO. So my motivation for trying out this file grew stronger.
    I will write my experiences when I finally achieve any changes.

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