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    quick success story.....some daily habits of mine to deal with urges.
    Sometimes for fun, or when I feel like doing the deed.....I read this forum...and the success stories. You know...for motivation to get better...less of a temptation to turn back.

    My porn addiction lead me to have plenty of stuff on my computer ( I thought I deleted all of it 40 days ago) some reason I did a file search...and found about 10 gigs worth of stuff. When I saw it, I was triggered, but not like the old days. I sorta felt like the man or woman who finally got fed up with their POS partner and said fuck off.

    I think the main reason why I did this is because I want to get better (anxiety, depression, etc etc)...and many articles speaking of the dangers of porn....and how great it feels to finally feel better.

    Anyway, I just will finish by saying that a year ago, I most likely would have said to myself, hell yeah! Time to get it! But now, I was like, time to stay clean and sober!!!! Time to start life again! Keep on keeping on!
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    Takes a big man not to relapse when confronted with unexpected porn, and a major victory to you for scrubbing it all off your computer! Top marks!

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