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    Ive developed a kind of addiction from age of 21. where i get an unstoppable urge to rationalize, I come up with random questions myself like "is that Law Of Attraction really works?", "what are things i achieved in past". also I make a list of work or future plans yet to be made.

    also, I will answer every question that has been popped up in my head.. it continues
    all day and night..

    so ive decided to come out of this chronic addiction or an endless loop of self-talk
    with my will power.

    at any cost, i will not talk or utter words inside my head, also mainly i will never answer to questions that threw out by my chattering mind.

    Back in the day ive given tried various strategies that i have come to know to stop this kind of addiction. like mindfulness, deep breathing.

    but none of them were helpful to quit this annoying addiction. so from now on I'm going to handle this issue in a serious manner.

    i will track my behavior and the action that i take to overcome this addiction.

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