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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by marmite man, Dec 4, 2018.

  1. marmite man

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    hey guys,

    i made the decision to stop watching porn seven or eight months ago.

    i just stopped. cold turkey. nothing.

    two things i've noticed: lack of morning wood and staying hard when i'm intimate with my partner.

    she turns me on, but i can't stay hard enough for penetrative sex. part of me wonders if this is still the after effects of porn addiction or a symptom of sleep issues i've had this year?


  2. RightEffort

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    I Suggest you focus on what you have control over - which is to make yourself healthy and strong. Weight training and increasing your cardiovascular system has a positive effect in sexual performance. I am a fitness athlete and I have never had an erection issue in my life, so become super athletic and try to have a playful attitude if it does stay hard - don't make it into an issue because then its even harder, but if your just playful about it chances are it can happen easier.

    Eat healthily, work out well, meditate, and be light about the whole sex idea and keep reading about others experience
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    Did you stop masturbation as well?
  4. This is part of the withdrawal from PMO. It gets better. PM me for more info. You can do this

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