Devastated after learning I accidentally relapsed

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    Just a quick intro 19 year old male who has been masturbating daily since 14. During the end of October I started to want to change my life for the better and I wanted to quit over fapping. I recently had noticed that every time I got with a girl I felt this sense of boredom that was out of the ordinary. I quickly learned that this was due to my issue with overfapping and watching porn. On November 1st I decided that I would quit watching the hub, and a week or two later I went on a three week streak of no fapping. That was my longest streak since I started when I was 14. After those three weeks I felt like I was ok to return to fapping just not over do it I still am going on strong with no hub but after I learned I broke my streak due to learning that even fapping to pictures of girls fully clothed/semi clothed counted as a porn relapse. I feel so devastated I felt that I was making such huge progress. My urges to watch actually porn are not very strong anymore besides the occasional trigger but I still can't believe that I was so stupid and didn't realize pictures counted as a relapse. Just need some advice from someone.
  2. Hey don't worry about the past now. You said you didn't know and now you know. Why look back and stay annoyed with yourself when you can move on? If the intention is to fap and you act on it then that is a relapse. Viewing the hub or images will count as a reset. Try your best from now on to remain relaxed when you feel urges. Instead of fighting the thoughts/urges, just acknowledge their existence, tell yourself repeatedly how you would feel a second after a relapse... and finally be patient. The urges will vanish shortly after. Try that method. All the best
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    What you call peeking it’s a mind trick by addiction . Peeking is no no, resulted in lots of falls by all of us ,feels better to not do porn then do it ! You can do it

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