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Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by hopefuldude, Jan 23, 2019.

  1. hopefuldude

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    There is a Youtube preview superbowl ad by Devour Frozen Foods that jokes about porn addiction. I encourage all my NoFap brothers and sisters to email, facebook, tweet, call, whatever... the company to point out that porn addiction is not a laughing matter. It fills one with guilt and shame, wrecks your body, and shatters marriages and families.

    Please be active in this. If we let people joke and make light about porn, more and more people will get addicted and continue in it thinking it's no big deal.

  2. EthanW.

    EthanW. Fapstronaut

    Phone number (Kraft/Heinz directory): 1-800-255-5750




    Company address:
    Devour Foods, LLC
    200 E. Randolph St.
    Chicago, IL 60601
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  3. Castielle

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    Honestly, I think it almost brings more light to porn addiction than I've seen in a long time. Sure it's a joke, but at least it's being mentioned. Maybe itll make someone think.

    Also, personally, I dont see anything wrong with having a sense of humor about something. They could have easily made this a parody of drug addition instead of porn addiction, and I dont think they would be implying that drugs aren't really harmful or making fun of people with addiction. Its just a joke. I dont really see the big deal, personally.
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  4. Brooklyn Jerry69

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    I do know that alcoholics have been the butt of many jokes over the years. I did send a message to the company telling them I found the commercial in poor taste.
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  5. Semaphore

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    Argh! I'm conflicted!
    I don't like the idea of Porn Addicts (or any addicts) being parodied in this way and I do think it's in poor taste.
    as @Castielle says - if it makes just a few addicts think - hey i gotta stop behaving like this - i'm ridiculous and out of control - then its done something good.
    At the heart of it is the word PORN and even tho theyre ridiculing the frozen food porn addict, theyre mainstreaming the use of the word porn and on balance that cant be a good thing.
    I dont think Id like to be the Brand Manager when that goes out on the Superbowl. At best, I dont think its a great ad and at worst it could backfire big time.
  6. Brokenman123

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    Why do you think it could backfire?
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  7. hopefuldude

    hopefuldude Fapstronaut

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  8. Semaphore

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    Just a hunch.
    If people are phoning Kraft/Heinz already that's a step towards conflict with their consumers.
    People are touchy these days partly as a result of #metoo and all that stuff but also because its easier to voice an opinion via social channels than ever before. Regrettably it means that some people will sound off when its only a minority group reaction but check out the recent Gilette story which set about re-shaping our opinions about manliness. Challenging stuff and damaging to their brand albeit only in the short term.
  9. Trappist

    Trappist Fapstronaut

    Brings it into the light very well.
    Ease up?

    Sure it’s close to the bone,
    But accurate, no?

    Be afraid, be very laugh.
    At ourselves.
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  10. MLMVSS

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    I think this is creative, and to me, it’s not making fun of porn addicts.
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