Did 200 days hardmode

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  1. Ok I did that. Wasnt that hard, but it was my 2nd year of trying.

    What was good about it was:

    Bigger motivation to do things
    Good mood
    Improved looks
    Improved self confidence
    Improved mental clarity

    Life was good, at least relatively, compared to before and after

    My sexual disfunctions improved, I was able to finish inside a girl afterwards.
    I started with total PIED 2 years back
    After year I had delayed ejaculation, unable to finish inside a girl

    Now I have premature ejaculation, which is ok, because at least this way u can have kids and before u could not.
    Im sure If I wanted and tryed and tryed my premature E would get better.
    In fact it got better during the 3 weeks of mating.

    Than I said no more!

    I did not enjoy returning back to depleted state of mind and body and decided to break up.
    So this is just a memory. My streak ended few weeks back with a girl and to ME it was not worth it, thus Im back to hard mode.

    But now I know Im basically a fully functional man in terms of sex. Thats what I wanted from a start. No more worries and hidden fear. I can now speak about sex with ppl. Im not scared of sex and failure.

    And Ive learned that for me... its good to keep the semen for myself. At least for now.

    So yea, its worth it and it works.

    NoFap will cure u, it will motivate u to do whatever u want/need to do...

    I started with NoPMO when I was 34. Almost a virgin. Heavy fapper for Id say 24 years... unable to get girl, speak to girl, scared of real sex, scared of sex topics, messed up in my head

    Now Im better and I know better.
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  2. Spriritofawarrior

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    nice post bro, gives me hope. Did you deal with withdrawals? like anxiety and depression whilst you were recovering, because a lot of people tend to deal with these problems when they go on Nofap
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    Thank you for motivation, you made my day!!!
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  4. Im glad it gives u hope Spirit, its the only reason why I posted it. Numbers mean nothing to me anymore, in relation to a success(story)...


    When I started 2 years back I havent slept for 20 days. Thats what I remember.

    I have anxiety and esp depression when I dont follow NoPMO regime. So even now as I write, because I had too much sex with a girl during those 3 weeks.

    But withdrawals... yes I was unable to enjoy anything. I was just droning thru time.. counting days, trying to not relapse.. day after day, hour after hour.

    2 years back tho!

    This streak.. I had none of that
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  5. So it was worth it.. putting it out there! Im glad about it.

    I almost ended up not posting it
  6. Spriritofawarrior

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    its a constant battle man. The way you were feeling 2 years ago, is how i'm feeling now. everything just seems so dull and boring. I'm on day 70 of no porn and 14 days of hardmode, I would've thought that the depression and stuff would've went by now, but I guess not unfortunately

    How long do you think it takes to start finding enjoyment in things again, how long did it take for you?
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  7. Well, hard mode is what heals u and 14 days is not much. So hang on!!! Give it a month. Its a brain balance we talk about. It changes slowly. Its counted in months.

    When I stopped weed, I felt like that for 6 months. So whatever. Dont think in numbers. Months fly. Go on and wait and trust the process. Every day is better than the previous one.

    I remember jack sh!t about my suffering honestly. I guess I blocked it somehow during the process.

    Edit: walks in nature and swimming in cold water helps to speed it up. Ive spend 2 years in a cold river almost every day.. my journey is longer than 2 years. 2 years is just PMO...

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